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on December 21, 2008 - 1:59pm

I stopped at McDonald's all of 5 minutes before they started serving lunch so I'm like thanks but no thanks and went to Dairy Queen instead. Downside is standing there waiting longer, updside is Believe started playing. A little bit of unexpected Josh makes the day so much better.

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Why lady why

on December 17, 2008 - 7:06pm

Today was one of those days. Everyone that called decided they were being harassed/discriminated against,etc or had a problem that was longer than a two minute call that I couldn't help them with. Then I get back from my lunch and my computer completely crashes and I lost all the work I had done since the morning that hadn't been saved. All of a sudden I feel this immense pressure of now I have to try and figure out what I lost and go back and do it again AND in the mean time the calls kept coming and my inbox both in front of me and in emails was getting filled up so really I didn't accomplish much of anything today other than answering the phones. Then I had the stress of trying to leave early because of the snow and worrying about making it home so I was in tears by the end of it. The only bright spot was getting the mail when I got home and seeing my Josh Groban A collection I ordered thru Amazon UK in the mail. On another note, one of my Noel cd cases cracked so I've got to go swap it out for another cd I don't mind having a cracked case for :)
Just call me Debbie downer today

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My next car will be a four wheel drive

on December 14, 2008 - 9:00pm

So when I ordered the purple Josh tee I didn't realize that it was a junior's size (versus adult) so I got a small...yeah...I need like an XL in the junior's size so I've got to stick that back in the mail...wait for them to get it, and then wait for it to come back again. Sigh...

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Not so good...

on December 13, 2008 - 2:06pm

Well my best friend called and she's like do you want the "bad news or the good news?" so the bad news was that Mike, the guy I went to elementary school, passed away this morning. Like I said, I knew him up through 6th grade, different schools after that. I saw his myspace from time to time through our mutual friends but I did want to cry when she told me. It's just a very sad thing. So I just called my mom now and was telling her and did a little bit of crying. Doesn't matter that I didn't know him anymore it's just sad and it's a lousy time of year, lousy thing to die of period. I am grateful for the health that I do have and I know God will take care of me.

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It's beginning to look a lot like...

on December 12, 2008 - 11:08pm

How is everyone? I'm at one of my best friend's house (she's the one who moved to CA) cat sitting this weekend for her mom. One of three orange kitties, Tigger comes inside only for me :) He was at the door two minutes after I pulled up. I stopped at Safeway after work and got a frozen CPK pizza and liter mountain dew and my favorite Honey Bee Vanilla Haagen Daaz and watched Christmas Story on dvd. I'm excited for next week cuz this same friend gets into town and will be here for a week and a half. And I totally forgot to bring my PJ bottoms tonight so I looked around in her basically empty closet and managed to find a pair of her brown sweat pants and they are a perfect alternative :) soft...

A great tip for everyone- I bought this kit at Bed Bath & Beyond to make paw print ornaments for your pets. Chiquita and Rosie made theirs to send to our family friends in CA. It's mess free but it wasn't so easy to get the "perfect" print. Chiquita didn't like having to hold her paw down so it took me a few attempts but I finally got a print I was happy with and they are dried and I just have to make sure they're wrapped and packed so they don't get broken in transit to CA. I'm going to buy another one tomorrow to make one for my friend's cat that she had to leave here when she moved. He's a little stinker sometimes about sitting still and what not so it could be tricky too :)

That's just one thing on my list tomorrow. I'm going home early in the AM to pick up my sis and take her along to get some of the shopping she needs to get done too. I've got to hit up the mall for Target and Sears (see what apt. related items I can buy with my $10 coupon) also Payless as there is a pair of shoes I saw online that I liked so there are two different stores nearby I can check to see. My sister needs to go to Borders too and for me chauffering her around :) if it's not raining/snow showers, she'll get to hold the giant rope thingy down if I go to put air in my tires since that thing is so heavy for one person when you're trying to pull it around to the other side of the car to put air in.

I found out from my best friend today that a good friend of our good friend is back in the hospital with a brain tumor that he had before that paralyzed him the first time and was terrible and all that he beat the odds and recovered from...well it's all back and now pressing against his brain I think and so now he can't see and it's affecting his speech and what not. I went to elementary school with him. We weren't friends or anything per se but it's still sad and someone my age that I know isn't really expected to live past next week probably. So it's just one of those things that makes me grateful that I am okay and my life is hardly bad.

Anyway, work went by fast (as it usually does) I was a machine today, opening and closing cases left and right (investigations the HR generalist have looked into or are going to,etc) in addition to opening about 50 cases in the system for a bunch of PT admin people throughout the co. that are being termed next Thursday (I know, the timing is terrible) I'm sure a handful of them will be calling into the office next week and I'll be there first point of contact :) Merry Christmas eh?



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