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Another day...

on May 17, 2009 - 5:07pm

I'm so excited... I pre-ordered my copy of "Chess" this afternoon. Can hardly wait until it's released!

Things are finally progressing once again with my Spring cleaning. I say finally because I started cleaning the end of last January, and well with everything going on it just got put on the back burner for awhile.

Today starts week 3 of my exercise program... Did 45 minutes of Pilates followed by the required 10-min video for the day.

Haven't heard from my parents since last week, so I'm assuming all is well with my dad. This week is his PET/CAT scan, so we'll know soon if the Cancer has stabilized, gone into remission or spread. Until the results come back, it's just another waiting game.

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It's finally here...

on May 15, 2009 - 7:14pm

The weekend is finally here... Hoorah! A time to relax.

Last Wednesday, my dad had his last Chemo treatment which did not go all that good... Once again, he got sick. This time, it was the Chemo that caused the problem. On a positive note though, his blood count is way up and he's almost back to a regular, healthy weight.

Next week, he goes in for another PET/CAT Scan to see what's going on w/ the Cancer. Unfortunately, he'll have to wait a week for the results. Based on the results, the doctor will determine the next course of action. If the Cancer stabilized, he'll have Chemo treatments for the rest of his life or until it goes into remission. If it's in remission, the treatments will end until the Cancer comes back. So, now we have no choice but to nervously await the results.


On an unrelated note, I completed days 12-13 of my exercise program. It's tedious at times, but well worth the effort. I've become more flexible w/ all the Pilates I've done and am starting to re-develop my muscle tone from all the various other cardio exercises I've been doing.

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on May 13, 2009 - 8:16pm

Today is day 11 of my bootcamp exercise program.

I'm not a morning person, it's a proven fact. So, knowing I had to be to work an hour earlier than usual to open up for a morning meeting, I decided to try exercising with the hope it would boost my energy level.

Started my morning off w/ 40-Min of Pilates at 5:30 am. As anticipated, my day at work dragged... 10 long hours w/ only a 1/2 hour lunch. Arriving home, the heavens started opening up pouring rain into the late evening. As the power flickered on and off, I opted for 30-Min of spinning while watching Am. Idol w/ the hope Danny Gokey would make it on to the finals (he didn't). After spinning and stretching, I continued on w/ the 10-Min required exercise video of the day (Pilates, how fitting) along w/ another 10-Min exercise video.

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on May 13, 2009 - 8:11pm

I don't know how many Am. Idol fans there are out there. I for one seldom watch the show with the exception of this season (I watched when I had the chance).

Danny Gokey (from my hometown, Milwaukee; Wi) was one of the top 3 finalists. It's very rare anyone from Milwaukee, WI ever becomes an overnight success like he has, so of course everyone tuned in cheering him on throughout the competition.

Sad but true, tonight he was voted off :( (sob)... But, I'm sure he will remain in the hearts of thousands and he continues to strive to achieve his dream.

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Plugging along...

on May 12, 2009 - 7:38pm

Today is day 10 of Bootcamp (exercise program)...

Due to the nice, sunny day outside, I took an extended lunch and went for a 20-Min (1.3 mi) walk (from 76th/Main St to 76/Greenfield Ave)... That's appx. 8 long city blocks.

Arriving home, I did the required 7-Min video (seated upper arm workout w/ bands) followed by an additional 7-Min upper arm workout using dumb bells.

Amazingly enough, I was still energized. Needing to release that energy, I went outside on my balcony to do 35-Min of Pilates.

Whew... What a workout that was. I'm getting tired just reflecting back on it.



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