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I'M SO SAD.....

on January 14, 2009 - 8:33am

I am so sad that I will miss two things on Sun 1/18...our community celebration for our state champion varsity football team and Josh at the inauguration kickoff. Guess I will have to youtube both of them and hopefully they will both be there.

Unfortunately my 83yr old Dad is having to have a toe amputated today because of an infection. He lives in Maine at a long term care facility ( my 2 brothers live there as well). I will call tonight to check on him as it was only day surgery. My niece is so concerned that he won't make it until her wedding in Sept. of this year.

Thank goodness my puppy can usually put a smile on my face ( by the way, he is doing better at potty training and has recovered quite well from his "operation"). Lately, he has become quite fond of climbing into my lap when I am crocheting for Covered with Love.

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Give Him a Break....

on January 9, 2009 - 6:46am

I too love getting blogs from Josh, especially video blogs, and I miss him when he can't but I say let's give him a break. There aren't many entertainers that are as accomadating with their fans. I have not yet been so lucky as to have a personal face-to-face interaction as many of you have but from the boards it sounds like he really tries to interact with his fans with photos, hugs, autographs and from what I can tell even some of his curls.
And I heard in some interviews that he really likes his fans and the fact that they respect his private space ( I applaud his ability to remain under the radar of the paparazzi). Plus he is a busy man trying to build up his fan base in other parts of the world as well as keeping his name out there in the public eye.
So JOSH, we miss you but I am glad you had the opportunity to have a nice break from your busy schedule. I'll just keep checking and watching for your video blog patiently.

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Uh Oh....

on January 8, 2009 - 8:54am

I was vacuuming today and I found a small doggie pee spot on my husband's oriental rug under the dining room table. If my husband finds out he will kill me ( or the dog) so I don't plan to tell him. It was a small spot so, I have cleaned it to the best of my ablility and am going to suggest we roll it up for a while until Max is over this phase of marking and surgery recovery ( he was neutered on Monday).
I also found several other spots vacuuming today but they were so faint I hadn't seen them before, so my husband will be cleaning the rugs tonight ( we have a rug cleaner that we bought years ago).
I plan to replace the carpets with wood floors later so I don't worry about them so much.
Well, I found another couple of spots so I had to call and tell my
husband about them and that I tried to clean them (if the nap on the rug is a certain way they don't look bad). We haven't had that rug cleaned ever so I told him he needed to find one (that way he will be satisfied) and have it cleaned.

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Hope today will be better...

on January 7, 2009 - 6:08am

Yesterday, I woke up not feeling great but I was able to make it to the eye doctor appt. After receiving my chastising for not being there for 3 years...I found out that 1. I need a new prescription 2. I have the begining of a cataract in my left eye and 3. the very ealy beginning of macular degeneration in my right eye ( my mom also had macular degen.)
My 6month old puppy Max went through his "operation" like a champ. He almost jumped out of the vet tech's arms into mine and my son's he was so glad to see us. He is still walking a little gingerly with his back legs but he gets his pain med nightly as prescribed by the vet.
However, this hasn't stopped him from playing with the other dog and chasing the bunny in my backyard.
All of you having more snow and ice..hang in there...boy,I love living in the south when I hear news like that.
Don't thinkthere is much that can be done for macular degeneration but haven't researched it yet. However the doctor gave me a list of vitamins that research has shown may help.

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on January 5, 2009 - 7:08am

It is so quiet around the house today. My husband is back to work after the holiday, my son is back to school after winter break and my 6month old puppy Max is being neutered today.
It is just me and the older dog.
Work was really, really busy yesterday. I didn't get to have anything to eat until 3pm (breakfast was at 5am). After I sent a patient to emergency surgery and transfered my other patient to our stepdown unit, they wanted to give me an admit from the ER. I told them I needed 20minutes to eat and use the restroom. Of course, while I was eating I was doing my charting on the computer. Shortly after I got my new patient settled, the OR called and was bringing my other patient up after surgery (no recovery room as she was on a respirator)and this all happened near the end of my 12 hour shift. Well, anyway I got out of work about 2.5 hours late, which is unusal for me. This means I got home at 10pm and it took me hours to unwind (at least I got a beanie crocheted for CWL). What a day!!
Well, I guess I had better get busy with my laundry and dishes. Hope to get some more done on my CWL (Covered with Love) projects while I do the laundry.
Hope every one has a nice day!

Edit: wrote this about 9am so don't understnd the time thing. And yes, I am in CST.



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