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A hard decision that was not so hard…

on October 12, 2010 - 9:42pm

I have been feeling a strong 'need' to go to the Sierra Mountains lately. It’s like John Muir said: “The Mountains are calling and I must go”. I tried supplementing with the coastal redwoods; which is close but it is just not the quite the same as the Sierras. Anyway in financially challenging times, I had to make a decision; which ended up with my not going to the Sierras because it means so much more to go to Josh’s next tour concert. Besides; the mountains aren’t going anywhere… or are they?... This is California!

I never thought that I would wait for a man again; under any circumstances, but Josh is 'The' one and only exception. So…
“Josh will be singing and I must go”.

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‘Voce Existe Em Mim’

on October 11, 2010 - 11:10pm

I’ve downloaded both ‘Hidden Away’ and ‘Voce Existe Em Mim’; they are different and unique from each other and yet have the same meaning. I am drawn toward the foreign language songs and ‘Voce Existe Em Mim’ struck my heart with vengeance in knowing the pain of holding onto a love that cannot be, still loving to the end.

If this is one of the songs that Josh wrote from his experiences, I don’t know how he can sing it without crying the tears that he sings about. The orchestration is at its best accompanied by the powerful 'heartbeat' of the all girl drum corps... but it’s Josh’s voice singing this love story from his heart that gives it life.

Exceptional song Josh!

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A new day begins

on October 1, 2010 - 12:24am

Dear Friends,

I have taken a cue from Josh to refresh my energies. So I have done a bit of housekeeping in my journal by removing most of the personal entries and leaving more of my stories of nature and my poems. I needed to shift that energy before I could begin to refresh my own physical energy. I must take some time to reconnect with nature and restore my heart.

I have chosen this next poem; which is the last poem in the chapter "Healing Spirit" from my book because it seemed appropriate as...

A new day begins

As I look upon what seem like a lifetime of yesterday’s sorrows
Who can say if the price was too high to pay
As it’s behind me now
And I look toward brighter tomorrows
With happy memories yet to make

Through the caring ways of one other

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Changing Seasons

on September 20, 2010 - 9:02pm

It is the time of year to feel the changing seasons in the air. Summer colors fade before bursting into autumn’s brilliant show with colors of red and ambers from orange to yellow gold. Trees shrouded in heavy autumn fog bring the sorrow of an end. A chill brought on the wings of a northern wind sweeps the autumn flakes from their branches sending them soaring into the air, they settle to earth to become clutched by winter’s dormant hands.

As with natures changing seasons, so do the seasons of my life and with a heavy heart I must step away, for a while, to breathe again.

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Josh, I love the title of your new album

on September 5, 2010 - 11:45pm

“Illuminations”… it just says it all.

I wrote this poem two years ago to tell you that you brought hope and light into my life:


Dashed soul
Drown emotions
Fallen into darkness

All I can ask is… why
Even though there is no answer

Torn, abandoned heart
Believed never to mend
Trying to hide the pain
Of slowly dying away
From the inside outward

Wandering alone in the dark
Until… “Awake” and “Closer”
Light the way to bring
Inspirations to a heart astray

Your voice so entrancing
Your words enhancing
You do shine bright
Showing my soul the way out

A life rescued
Given hope and light
Compelled to let you know
You’ve brought my soul to life


Thank you very much Josh!

There is a healing quality that Josh holds; an alluring light emitting from his kind and gentle soul that shines through his exceptional talents. I am forever grateful to Josh for shining his light of compassion on my life showing me the way out; through writing, to regain hope, faith, and happiness. That is why I feel that his title choice for his new album is absolutely perfect… I have no doubt that his new album reflects his soul.



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