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Why Mother's Day is Special To Me (Very Long Post)

on April 14, 2010 - 10:53pm

I will tell you why I love the holiday and why it's special. It is just one day that "Mother" really is celebrated and appreciated, we realize all she does and how cherished she really is. I thank God my mom is still with me. This is not a story about ME, but about how special my mom is and Mother's Day is to me. It's long, but I hope it's ok to say it.

Before I tell about my mom tho, I would like to say to Josh that your mom is truly special to have you for her son, I hope someday I can give you both big hugs! And I hope your family has a great Mother's Day.

I was born w/ so many birthdefects and problems and was in and out of the hospital all the time. My mom had to raise 3 kids while Dad worked in another state, and it wasn't easy w/ me sick all the time, my siblings must have hated me when I was little bc I needed so much attention and care, but she was the peacekeeper. She was the one that I bonded to most because of the hospital stays. Sometimes she had to leave the room putting me in a nurse's arms and just get away for a break. She never felt like I was a burden or a curse tho thank God. She was a single mom while my dad and her divorced.

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Poem for Bringing Michael Jackson backn ton us! Josh plz read and help!

on January 8, 2010 - 8:01am

Shining mirroro Pure and true
I come to you with a wish from a heart so blue.
That I could have Michael Jackson back as good as new.

A wish I make with tears in my soul
he left my world and it left a hole.

He was there for me right from the start
and from him I never want to part.
He left this world and took my heart.

So with ALL my heart I ask on thing of you
to bring him back to me
and I will forever love him true.

Josh, please help me get to the Mirror of Incantata, that's from the Tink movie. It's north of Neverland and I don't remember the whole story, but would u come over to my house and watch the movie "Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure" with me AND HELP ME FIND IT? I'd be forever greatful to u bc then we'd have Michael back, and I don't care if he has to stay made out of Zanny, I'd love it and I'd still have him!! I know u can help me w/ this cuz u R Josh Groban!!

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My Heart Cries Blood Today

on June 30, 2009 - 5:08am

I have this poem dying, pun meant, to come out.

My Heart Cries Blood

It is a dark and dreary place
tears stream like rivers down my face
I am in an empty lonely state
and I know nobody can relate.

My heart cries blood from deep within
to put to words I can't begin.
I feel like something good is gone
and I don't know how I'll go on.
No man will love me no one could
for now I have no more to give
I have no real reason to live
and I know I can do nothing good.

Michael Jackson inspired me
I write from the heart so openly
because he gave me a reason to be.
He gave me the strength to go on
now that strength is dead and gone.

No one will ever understand
I only wanted to take his hand
and he could fly us to Nevrland.
I had plenty of pixiedust
I'd bring enough for both of us.
But I've lost all my happy thoughts
I feel like all the good is lost.

Why Does God only take the best
and leave us with the rotten rest?
Why are there only murderers, robbers and fiends?
Why do the wicked rule the world it seems?
Michael was an angel among us here
and I know in my heart he is still near
but I can't help but cry devastated tears
for I loved him so much as never before
and I wanted to be with him forever more.

My heart cries blood today
for my happiness has gone away
the goodness has leaked out like a sieve
and I don't know why I bother to live.
I hope that the good Lord can forgive
the dark thoughts I have today
for right now my skies are dark and gray.
I don't know how I'll continue to get by
for like rain falling from the sky
my world continues to wither and die.
It's lonely, dark and dreary today
My Heart Cries Blood Today.

Siena Iman Vaisa Jackson* (c) 6-25-2009
*Screen name



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