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on May 24, 2010 - 8:37am

Because of my lack of memory from my highschool subjects, I am having to revamp my brain for collegiate level classes. I am starting back towards a Bachelor In Science-Biology, which requires all the 12 years of knowledge from gradeschool to magically appear into my brain by the spring. I must get it done this summer, or I will fail out of college with no degree.

I am studying 10am-3pm Mon-Th, EST, so please understand if I cannot write to you during those hours. I'll try to send you a note after studying.

Have a Good Day;
Melissa Chalmers

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Holy Spirit*

on May 23, 2010 - 5:13pm

Hey, I just got off the phone with my Nana. Apparently whatever team my parents/grandparents are on has disowned me and consider me not fit to come to town. Apparenlty I am not well.
Sundays are good in GA for getting my room clean, but I am still losing my temper quite often because of teams and the fact that they exist. Apparently, some personality types will never change. But, my family does have to be owned by somebody.
I was dreaming of a month away from the constant camera activity around here and the quiet of no big brother watching my every move, but apparently my volatility doesn't prove to anyone the stress and strain that I am under and the fact that I need a vacation from the constant surveilance too.

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Sunday Morning*

on May 23, 2010 - 9:29am

Good morning Josh,
Guess what, I missed church. I attend a little Lutheran church here on campus most Sundays. I, unlike some nights, as you would see in one of my songs if you ever get to hear any of them, some times I don't take my meds and sometimes I do. It makes everyone so mad that I am so rebellious and actually medicate myself. I get the feeling sometimes that people want me permanently in a mental hospital.
Well, since I played outside on the campus green yesterday, most of the afternoon, I didn't get my Saturday cleaning done, so now I guess I will have to do it today. I usually clean my room, my bathroom and wash clothes. Luckily dishes in the kitchen for one person is an extremely quick clean up. My roommates and I haven't quite figured out how to clean the kitchen effectively in a "fair" manner. But, those of us that clean it do. I wish we could room together again, but they are moving out in August, so it will be new roommates.

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The Campus Green

on May 22, 2010 - 4:46pm

Josh, as you know, I attend the little college of Kennesaw State University in Georgia, USA. I just went out to the campus green, and I was trying to put my new song together when I started wishing for a parade. Guess what happened, High School Graduations started and they threw their caps and I got so happy I just started playing all the songs I know for free. Maybe that will payback some of the pirating I do on Limewire. Either way, I'm broke and without a job so my mom and dad think I am a dimented retard. I've tried everything I know, except music, but my mom said you can't make a living as a musician, so I am brushing up my skills on the piano, the guitar and singing so I can hopefully get into the school of music here at KSU.
I saw some geese on campus. I always wonder why they stand around the campus green without any lakes or bodies of water. I enjoy their company, and even a squirrel came by. But some gnats started biting and another graduation ended, so I figured it was time to go eat.

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Saturday Morning Blues*

on May 22, 2010 - 11:36am

Josh, come on, just say it, I'm the prettiest roadie ever. COME ON, JUST SAY IT> Never twitter me, never answer my emails. What's a girl to think? JUST BECAUSE I LIVE IN GA!!! HOW DARE YOU< YOU SCALLYWAG :) :) :)

Nah, bored as hell. Bored, in the music mood, trying to just sit and play my guitar and the dead spirits are being picky about which songs I play. Wish I had real friends around to overrule the dead spirits. Ah, such is life though.

Had an estate/moving sale w/mom and dad yesterday. Got all feeling larger than life and better than a bag of chips, but then, the dead spirits and big brother cameras had to bring me back to their reality where I am a useless nobody from nowhere worth nothing until I get a job. I'M WRITING MUSIC, DRAWING< they don't pay for people to do that round here.

Oh well, such is life.



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