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vijaykumar's picture
on November 9, 2010 - 12:36pm

I am finding the wait for Illuminations absolutly amazing. As the weeks have passed we've been blessed with a few new songs and also some incredible videos and video footage. Today one of our fellow grobanites sent me a video of Josh singing Neil Diamond's Play Me. That song never brought me to tears before, but today it did. His voice and enunciation of his words makes ordianary songs extraordinary.
I continually get made fun of when my cell phone rings because it croons "you are loved" well, if they only knew the meaning of that song to me and getting me through the tough times in my life this past 18 months. They can laugh and make fun of me because it's ok. Everytime it rings it puts a smile on my face and more love in my heart.
Josh I cannot wait and I know it has been worth the wait. I am proud of you for finding you and your new style this time around. Being different is what makes a person and makes an artist. Dare to be different and expand to horizons nobody dares to go. I love your work. May Illuminations be a huge success!!

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