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Glasgow baby!!!

Aleth017's picture
on October 16, 2011 - 5:48pm

So, this was my first Josh Groban's concert ever. Glasgow. Was a long time planing it, saving money for the tickets and a long and exhausting trip all the way from my home town in Mexico to the uk just to see him, but it was worh it, every single penny and every minute for an alsome moment. The show was amazing, just as I imagine it would be, maybe even better, though he didn't sing awake, but at the end he signed up an autograph for me, he talk to me like for five second... And I mean OMG, such a great experience, I so love him and I would do it again (just need to save more money). Every one kept on asking "are you mad" while coming here, bur hey, if making a dream like this come true means that I have lost my mind I am so happy being crazy.

Thank you very much Josh for being the amazing human being you are. I so love you.

You're crazy Mexican fan ;)

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