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Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame!

beautiful74's picture
on October 15, 2010 - 12:31pm

Hi fellow members and Grobanites!

This is my first entry! I finally became a member today. YAY!!!
I just wanted to share w/ you my amazing time at the Hollywood Bowl back in June of 2009. I was privileged to see Josh inducted into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame. It's been well over 16 months since that magical night, but Wow! what an evening!! He was inducted along side, Dame Kiri TeKanawa, famed opera singer. Angelique Kidjo was mingling in the audience before the show started and I'm kicking myself now for not getting up and walking the mere 20 feet she was from me and getting a picture w/ her! She said some gracious and beautiful things about Josh before he came out and accepted his award. I just loved the video they showed of his life story. You can check it out on YouTube by typing in: Josh Groban Hollywood Bowl June 2009. The ladies sitting behind me were cracking me up when Josh walked out onstage after the video. "There he is!!!!! Oh My God!!!!" The screams and cheers were truly deafening and amazing at the same time! He sang "Canto Alla Vita" first and treated us to a drum solo!!! When he finished he said,"Wow, I just realized how hard it is to play in a suit!" He then sat down at the piano and said how cool it was to meet, "Bill Shatner" backstage. To which the ladies behind me said," Ohhhh! he is so humble and down-to-earth!!!" "He is SO amazing!!" He went on to sing "February Song" "Pearls" w/ Angelique, "Anthem" from Chess! and then he and Kiri did a gorgeous duet towards the end. The evening was capped off w/ the amazing composer/conductor, John Williams, conducting the LA Phil to "Star Wars" with fireworks going off above the Bowl, towards the end! What a night!!!

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