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Dear Brutus

BethanyHenderson's picture
on February 5, 2011 - 11:30pm

I'm not mad at you for not listening when we were on the beach today. I had only let you outside to go to the bathroom and you proceeded to go down to the water. I called and called you, but you chose to not listen. Then, when I caught up to you, still in my pajamas, you looked around like "What are you doing here?" Also, chewing up the hall night light, well that wasn't completely your fault because I shouldn't have left you out there on your own while I was in another room. Also, the drooling. I forgive you for drooling all over my clothes, rubbing your drool covered snout on the couch and the pillows and on the floor. It's okay that you peed every time I came home, you were just happy to see me. I'm not mad anymore that you continually tried to catch the cat. I almost learned how to sleep in spite of your snoring. I understand you're still kind of a puppy and I shouldn't have gotten you all excited, so that your giant skull collided with my nose. It's alright that you chewed my binder, it adds a little flare to it I think. You've required more work than I originally thought, but don't worry I still love you because you have the cutest face in the world.



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