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Boadicia's picture
on February 7, 2011 - 6:28pm

I along with many havent been able to make any of Josh's Before we Begin shows. I know they were set up mostly to promote the new CD in places WB wants it to sell better, and its a bonus for the few that got to go. I sure would have loved to be that up close and personal with Josh as some hav e been. Seems like Ill have to wait for the big deal. The summer tour! Well, I am looking forward to that actually. Ive got about a dozen friends who are planning on going with me. Just to go! Just to experience all the Hoopla Im always going on about. Im looking forward to that. And I really am so glad Josh is doing these small shows and some of my friends around the world who really wouldnt get a chance to see him are there. up close personal with the guy!