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...more about me :)

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on July 10, 2011 - 2:24pm

Who am I? Well, let`s see.
Philosophically I`m no longer the person I was yesterday and tomorrow I`ll no longer be who I`m today, but I can never be who I`m not.
Too complicated? OK, it`s actually quite simple:

About me

"I love the golden morning sun
to laugh and always have much fun.
I love to hear the sweet birds sing
watching them flying wing to wing.

I love "Last Spring" by Edvard Grieg
the new beginning of a week.
The chances I get every day
the luck I meet along the way.

I love soft raindrops on my face
a sudden, loving, big embrace.
A slowely walk down on the beach
to eat a sweet and juicy peach.

I love the childrens happy smile
to watch them playing for a while.
The feathers of a cute white dove
and precious moments full of love.

I love the evenings nature sound
the whispering trees all around.
and twinkling in the sky so far
I love my little lucky star.

I love my plants, call them "Green Folk"
sometimes I hear them quietly talk.
I love their fragance, soft and sweet
it really makes my life complete.

I love "Josh Groban," yes I do
the music from his heart so true.
Sometimes his voice takes me away
to peaceful places I wanna stay.

I love to sing, not good, but loud
and wild, wild horses, free and proud.
I love the way how life loves me
believe in "what will be, will be."

:):):) Gina

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