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Brigitte's picture
on November 20, 2010 - 12:02pm

thanks to FOJG and my early order i got the special edition on saturday, the 13th. of november. the mailman came late, so i made about 3 trips to the mailbox until i finally had it in my shaking hands. yes, i got to listen to the four new songs, thanks to itunes and downloaded them. i think at first "higher window" and "l'ora dell adddio" were my favorite. now i can only say, i love them all". i could not afford to fly to any of the concerts (sob, sob, sniff sniff), because i had to get my car's tranmission fixed, but thanks to my grobie friend, i saw pictures and videos. i really enjoyed watching josh on GMA and also on Ellen and now i am looking forward to monday for the Oprah show. i would not even need the presents, just seeing josh in person would be enough for me.

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