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Fun and laughter

DeannaH's picture
on July 24, 2013 - 5:40pm

I am thinking I am a bit outgoing on the subject of loving Josh's music. One of my coworkers insists I am his #1 stalker and when I try to tell her I am a card carrying Friend of Josh Groban, she just rolls her eyes and mutters,"That makes it even worse!" The gas station I always stop at....the man who works there asks me every time I come in, "How many days till Josh?" And to top it off, my poor boyfriend is seriously jealous. I did manage to talk him into going to the concert with me and he WILL enjoy it, I am sure, but I have to egg it on sometimes. I even turned down a week in Ireland to go to the concert in November!! My reasoning was this....It has taken me 10 plus years to finally get a concert date I can get to, but Ireland will still be around and I know that was not the last offer of going. Now, he is looking for Paris trips, but he shall get the same answer. :-)

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