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Illuminations Day Grace

DewDropKaren's picture
on November 27, 2010 - 9:11pm

Don't you love how some of the most beautifully poignant life experiences arise without warning? Those are the ones that make my heart flutter beyond containment... when an ordinary moment unexpectedly explodes into something magical. So it was on Josh Day. I was somewhat prepared for the musical impact itself, or at least as prepared as one can be for such a mystery. What I didn't anticipate was the marvelous event it inspired. Though it lasted mere seconds, twelve days later its power remains.

There I was, frolicking up and down the terrace, stringing Christmas lights in all their sparkly glory. The Michigan afternoon chill forced me to bundle up, which worked out perfectly for that long-awaited release day. My fluffy hat kept the earbuds close, while the internal pocket of my winter jacket secured my iPhone against my heart. Prime location, my sappy self realized. One tangled light strand at a time I decked my yard in its holiday best, all the while immersing myself with the beauty that is Illuminations. It was nearing two o'clock, so it had been on repeat for quite some time. Surely that was partially responsible for the sunbeams enveloping me. His music is a burst of sunshine to the soul, after all.

'Higher Window' was my favorite leading into the 15th, and that status remained upon hearing the album in its entirety roughly fourteen hours earlier. (Surely I'm not the only one who downloaded those digital files at midnight when they arrived. I mean, this is JOSH music.) As I encircled a sprightly evergreen with red lights, that brilliant track came to life again. As is always the case, an indescribable surge stormed within me. A rush of emotion begging for my soul's one true outlet: dance. Note by note, word by word, my body absorbed every nuance like a smooshy sponge. I stayed put on the fifth terrace level, held captive to lengthy back and neck injuries as my entire being ached to dance. At best, it's agonizing being unable to dance to music that sets my heart and soul aflame. The album continued on, 'If I Walk Away' my new fabulous companion. Internally, the burning desire to dance mercilessly consumed me. Relentless as ever.

Then... it happened. My moment of grace. Without planning or plotting... and clearly without thinking. A couple minutes into the song I found myself jumping up a level and landing on the walkway alongside the house. Propelled by the purest passion to dance, I turned stage left. This was no longer a simple pathway to me. Christmas lights in hand, I lifted my arms to second arabesque position as my right leg naturally extended to tendu derrière... the words accompanying my prep were so perfect: "Head for the light of day... Follow a brighter way..." My heart thundering in my chest, I threw myself into the next lyric: "Out of the cold and dark, down to the one bright spark..." Down the brick path, I chasséd into the grandest tour jeté I've done in years. For a fleeting instant I considered stopping there... but that idea was preposterous. I repeated the technically simple, yet emotionally magnificent combination once more in time to that soulful voice. Thrilling...gratifying... a few seconds of bliss I'll not soon forget. If ever. The sun shone down on me as I held that final pose, knowing I had reached my current limit, an enormous smile lighting up my face as I looked to the heavens.

That was my ultimate Illuminations Day moment. Dancing to his voice is just perfection. My hope is to continue that celebration soon... 'Higher Window' is waiting in the wings. To celebrate tour time would be nice.. maybe even by Christmas. I'm all for Christmas miracles. The choreography has long been underway. For now, it resides only in my heart as my body slowly heals. But I'm clinging to that itty bitty reprieve... the best surprise ever on the day Josh blessed us with the gift of some of his own life journeys. I cherish that brick pathway... and now that it's sprinkled with candy canes of glowing sweetness, it's even better.

(If you read this entire entry, you deserve a cookie and a Josh hug.)

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