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on January 13, 2011 - 9:29am

Monaliza has done it again. 72 over the bride on the Left side signifies the 72 elders - Gentiles (future evangelizatio). Interestingly Monaliza is preggy who has L and S on each eyes? Hmm..If 72 in reverse digital print superimpose on L and S you get a book or a 2 squares forming a rectangle. 2 rectangles or 2 blocks on top of each other looks like the digital 8! Yes Galileo! I believe we just hit the jackpot. Monaliza and background forms an abominable Star of David and her eyes depicts the formation of the futuristic Apple of my eye 72 /LS and over the bridge on the new era Anno Dominic. Leo(lion)Ar Do (it!) Dav-Inci (Energy). Wonder how far away was Michaelangelo from DaVinci since they painted roughly around the same time. Si styne (See Stein) Chap El (wait a minute does that mean Sistine Chapel is 4 Jewish? uhahh!) in Rome was painted against his own interest because he feels that sculpture is superior to painting. The Pope told MichaelAngelo "If you don't do it for the Pope...You can surely do it for God." Case close and MA painted on Frescoed wall the Old and New Testament depiction and everyone got naked. MA monopolized the darn ceiling and never looked at a woman a day in his life! Hence the women looked like men and the men...well - they looked like good looking men. He also never showered so that explains why MichaelAngelo never got a girlfriend.

Now just to make Josh feel a slight bit uncomfortable you'r birthday is 2/27/1+9+8+1= 2-9=7.

Leonardo da Vinci is involved in the Turin. Turin still holds credibility based on it's superimposed match with the Sudarium of Oveido. Around 840 AD and Good Friday 8/14 is significant.

Of course Leonardo Da Vinchi is simply a pranster and he made so many crazy and out of this world painting for the Church! Where did his inspiration came from? Jeopardy sound begins...Of course it's from the GG! But there are doubts so let's examine the evidence or Live Post Mortem!

(Warning: Above interpret must only appeal to children age 4-12. It is not a formally well thought out research - just a funny Kidology on Google and Wicked Wickepeds ( does it mean tha the wickies have feet? )

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