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In all seriousness...

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on March 9, 2012 - 12:35am

Why do I write on this journal still...

Because it feels like the rigth thing to do. I don't see the point of writing a journal in book nobody will ever find. I posted here because in so many ways i feel like Ann Frank... One of these days my life will end. Hopefully not to soon but should someting happen I want all the thoughts written out so nobody has to wonder what truly happened. I can not control everything... I have the Holy Spirit as my guide for the most part and at times when I want to just be me. Funny and cynical at times simply random.

My main calling is to heal...I can heal people from fear, anxiety and stagnation. At times I can heal pain and all stiffness. I can reason and boldly lay it out. The revelations fall in my head like leaves. They are meant to be taken.

I try to be funny equally offensive unto all so as not to show bias and keep things light.

I am back to fasting one time a day eating...this makes me very very honest about how I feel. All I want to do is to elevate Jesus Christ. I'm just a sinner as everyone else who are willing to accept.

All the videos are made to express the revelations for all to see. My face alone can take away the fear. anxiety and pain. I have no weapon other than my research.

I have no fear of Islam because I know that many of them are sensing my spirit. Telling them the truth at an appointed town makes a difference. The Lord asked me to "Come see My children!" And, " Now you get them out of
Hell!" I don't have much instructions but You Tube came in handy. It's better than singing and screaming in my car whenever I see acts of terrorism happening in the news.

I have two weeks to get things done in Orlando...Then I will be in New York to land on job with outpatient and another one for the shool children. I am declining the Bronx just to be safer. I'm not used to NY culture but I know I belong there in Manhattan.

Hollywood shift is happening. New York will receive wind that bares Wisdom.

"Vi abdel" Bayabdel...this is the message in my dream and thougths.
Separated. Josh you are separated from the rest. Walk in and March. keep going.

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