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The Black Ruth Project

EstherT1's picture
on May 6, 2012 - 9:35pm

Now that I've settled my Roots! I can honestly say...I've come in this world screaming for one thing only...The Black RUTH!

When all can be offended over nothing...I will prove to the world that the there is nothing more potent the Black! Beeh El A Sea King! Blacking is the verb!
FY I = Efff! Why? I? And the answer is Bee Cost!
I will be the one woman known to stand the stage in Charcoal face, AFro-STraw hat and skirts. Ivory Necklace...Ivory Arm Bracelet...This will resonate the most enigmatic presence of controvertial Book of all times... I'm bringing out the Black in all men and women....There will be times I'll just be myself with my bow and heart arrows! Perhaps a donkey on stage...Hmm...Then of course why not be an Indian with feathered Hair...AFter all My DNA says I am a Native of the America's - closest link! I will make the Indian Tribe so proud of their roots it'll send all Americas to Pow Wow! Making a sign of love to all the beloved people. I will have a signiture finger crossing for the Book of Ruth!

I will be the parody of Parodies taking down Dogmas after Dogmas from Harvard to Yale...Radcliff to Stanford!

Whistle and drums will be my key instruments...The call to Duty! This world has not seen Filipino Parade a day in their lives. It will be Pocken Good Comedy all because of Black Ruth!

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