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Carry on

EstherT1's picture
on January 26, 2011 - 7:05pm

I wish everyone a wonderful time I need a break from twitting and get back to life as usual. I can't even tell my family what I fo since its off their comprehendion and I don't want the wrong assumptions! It's taking a role of someone beyond myself!

The chronicles will continue here but Tweets a bit too endless to follow and I don't need to be too serious! My part is done to remind and others can hopefully follow! I say what I feel and once I prove a point I let go. They follow through I have to believe! The thoughtvalone makes my heart ache!

I don't know when I'll see you again! I just want reality and not a typing buddy!
I'm drained right now and need to recharge!

All the research! And I can't write the story! I wanted to teach and continue. Most of all just have a family to love. See real people, teach and grow in love.

Philipine news feels like a dagger on my back!
I don't wish to save the world! Just share my love and knowledge while I can while I can!
Will rest!

BEE Zing

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