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on October 15, 2011 - 4:42am

What happens when you put ET, Star Trek and Noel in one show?
You get all the Aliens in the Office!

What happens when you fall in love with a Joshua bird but someone wisk him away?
Me - I cry and listen to a sad song in my car.

What happens when you go to a bachelorette party at a friend's house and you find out you just missed a stripper performance?
Me - I play it cool and check out the naughty pictures with one of my most conservative friend who was a virgin at age 38 but managed to drink a shot glass from a strippers g-string.
Then the phone rang and you heaer, "Josh is calling, He said make sure all the penis chocopops are gone...The kids are coming."

What happens when you go to a wedding for one of your best friend only to find out the minister is Josh!
Me - I drop my glasses. "It will do that to yah!"

What happens when you see your best friend getting married with all of her friends crying over candy colored high heel shoes looking really sentimental
Me - I check out the groomsmen shoes

What happens when you find the groomsmen wearing converse shoes!
Me - I immideately think of what's his name again...

Hmm...reminds me of someone special...I absolutely can't remember Josh Groban's name...Absolutely not! Do not bring up the name Josh Growband...It's not possible. There are NoEl so no Josh Groban...Don't bring up the name Josh! It's not about josh at all!
Did I tell you the strippers name is also Josh? No...I made that up!
Mazel Tov! Shot glass anyone? Josh one glass! Anybunny?
( the worst part of this journal is that I'm actually still sober!)

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