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Come Eddie - Pen is Light!

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on June 16, 2011 - 2:43am

Character Building for the Comic Epic Book called "MY Jokes are Easy!"

Professor Wanda Beth L. Hen - A Behavioral Psychologist decided to enter public school teaching to engage students into a study of Etymology which she endorses as "ET for Fun!" She received a hefty grant that would allow students to perform skillfully in the arts and enter into International Theater for the Arts Performance Worldwide while she completes her dissertation on Human and Humour Therapy! She is well known to many Scholastic Philantrophist in the IT world and in the Field of Science.

Professor Lee gave the faculty an overview of her project in the high school and exhibited the various technologies to be utilized by students. Students to enter into the program " ET for Fun" will take an exam to identify their personality traits and aspirations in the field of Art, Music, performance and literature.

14 students are initially identified and signed up in the class. Professor Lee had them in a circle and had them introduced each other along with their dreams/ aspirations while tossing a deodorant. The deodorant is simply an icebreaker to promote cohesion and a very dynamic appeal.

Later on each students pulled out the different alphabets from their heritage through the computer and tabulated them with the pronunciation along with the English Alphabet. She then will point out to the pictures in Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic. The students will be doing a reseach of words in English and 3 outher langages for conversational pieces. Improve Skit will be handed over by Friday along with a 4 minute act.

Students are given keys to a virtual door. The virtual door is the

Principal Shaw C. Bastiani - A young Pricipal at Petalooma High School is a strict principal who is determined to bring out the best in his students. He is a skeptic of Professor Lee-Hen's project but allowed her the liberty to enter his High School for the sake of the students performance. Principal Bastian has a flare for diplomacy at all cost and he allowed Professor Lee Hen to do her project simply because the School is in a brink of budget cuts and Professor Lee has a strong pull with state grants to turn the High School into an Internationally acclaimed magnet school for the Arts. He is a gifted writer whose true endevour prior to teaching is to be an Actor and a Film Director. Prin. Bastian being a skeptic will try to spy on Professor Lee-Hen's work and suspect her to be some kind of a hypnotist, a well trained communist or a witch doctor. He winds up sending 2 undercover spies as students to engage in her class to prove his point. But first, Principal Bastian wants to secure the grants to be endowed to the High School as part of his legacy and eventually wishes to scoot Professor Lee-Hen out of the school. Principal Bastian finds himself overwhelmed by Professor Lee-Hen's unrealistic ideals and feels she can not possibly be right in all her assumptions.

Professor Lee-Hen and Pricipal Bastian came from two opposite side of the poles when it comes to student management. Prof. Lee-Hen is a benevolent dictator with firm grip of reverse psychology and random reward system which are not familiar to Principal Bastian. The two will collide as Principal Bastian aims to use logic and follows The Codes of Conduct which he expects his students to adhere to. He comes from an IVY league education that seems to Professor Lee as Dandy at best and stuffy at worst. He aims to exhibit a very devonaire presence to all his students for them to emulate. Professor Lee-Hen have a poor sense of fashion and sports her lab coat like a nun running an experiment with highly volatile students.

Students in Class

Marcus - A Brazilian- Mexican student of a strongly Catholic background. He studies Italian and determined to be a world traveler. He is an Elvis Presley impersonator.
Narayan - A devoti of Hari-Krisna whose pure bred white american parents are practicing Hippies. He is the most prude and conservative guy. He struggles with his parents humble lifestyle and aims to be a millionaire. Completely a gentleman who believes He was a reincarnated Medicine man from his past. He loves sports cars.
Demitry - Geeky Greek students with thick glasses. He blossoms into a completely buffed guy. He loves Superman and interested in Filmography and magic.
Luke - a Jewish student who speaks 3 languages, a star wars fan and have a secret crush on the girl name Fatima.
Maduri - a Jewish-Indian cheer leader who is a classical Indian dancer as well. She is interested in the history of dancing and will research many controversial dancer.
Corinne - an avid student and a devout Christian. She could pass for a cheerleader but interested in Saints and historical Biblical sites. She is a southern bell who sings country songs and gospels.
Ram - a rebel student, suspended for taking a gun in class. He falls for Corrine and becomes one of the most brilliant comedy skit writer and an impersonator of many actors.
Jason - a charismatic rock star personality who aims to get into American Idol
Rashid - an Indian intellectual who is geeky and funny. He watches 3 hour Indian movies and writes in Hindi and Arabic because of his parents being Hindu and Muslim.
Mischa - Russian girl with ultra conservative parents; obsess with boys. She is a poet and a dancer. She is Maduri's best friend and takes dancing classes together.
Lara Lei - an Aspiring actress whose moody emotion becomes the center of attention. She finds herself pregnant towards the end of the story.
Fatima - a secular muslim girl struggling to keep her culture and identity under a veil
Dash Joseph - an aspiring rapper from a very wealthy and uptite Etiopian descent African-American doctors. His parents only wishes for him to follow their footsteps.
Mai - A brilliant writer with a hearing deficit. She is fluent in ASL and learned Braille to help her friend. She will loose her hearing completely while awaiting a choclear implant. Her classmates will have to learn ASL to communicate with her.

Professor Lee lead the meeting to explain to the faculty this new program that would allow students who are pre-selected to enter in her class with the objective of promoting positive self-expression through the mastery of sportsmanship in Comedy. She explained that the subject of Etymology will be utilized through the use of internet connections, you tube, dictionaries and research. The faculty first

Principal Bastian finds himself in turmoil as Professor Lee exhibits unconventional techniques, crass use of freedom of speech and explosive humour along with sacrilegious and political overtones among students in her classroom which he fears will ruin his reputation in the academic world. He finds himself in jeopardy of loosing credibility by allowing Professor Lee to conduct her project. Her unconventional ways of disciplining the students appear to be out of the academic guidelines and could run the school into Ethical dillema. He is convince that Professor Lee is out of control in which case he sends out diplomatic cues to put her in order. Tension rises as Principal Bastian finds himself obsess in trying to have her comply to his codes of conduct. Much to his dismay, despite her unusually crass sense of teaching, students seem to flock to her classes at a greater rate and many troubled students appear to excel in many courses while under her class. He is afraid that the students are being turned into a raging activist, bullies, smart ass and hyper-religious satirical freaks. "This is damaging to the school's name...We are to promote socially ep citizens tolerant to the differences promoting peace...Keep them off of politics and dangerous religions...I am not gonna have the Catholic priests, Rabbis, Pastors and leave alone Muslim cleric complaining to the Secretary of Educational because of all the satirical enuendo the students are coming up with. I will not have this High School be the center of attention to the media as the school promoting inappropriate remarks onstage to various sectors of political system and religious sectors. Not to mention the parents are gonna be outrage once they find out their children will be performing radical show mocking their own culture and identity." Professor Lee manages to turn the table despite his rhetoric into a satirical blow which Principal Bastian finds himself lost in translation. He faces a dilemma of loosing the school's reputation or perhaps fear the emptiness of actually firing Professor Lee.

Prinicipal Bastion finds himself deeply troubled by this enigmatic Professor whom he fear has taken over rooms in his faculty and the entire school. In an effort to regain his sanity and control over the school's influence he desperately seeked counsel from a elderly Psychologist named Dr. Lizzie Taylor Linnaiah with a great reputation in he circle of Psychiatry and Psychology publishing multiple research papers on Electra Complex and is a consultant for match-making at e-harmony.

Dr. Lizzie T Linnaiah has a hidden identity as a seductive sex therapist under the name Lady Z. She is a brilliant voice impersonator as a young seductive woman who has gained secret followers of men in need of advise over the phone and e-mails. Unknown to the principal, she is also the stepmother of Professor Lee. Only Dr. Linnaiah is well aware of the secrets Professor Lee's enchanting and ambiguous act. She has often been concerned of her step-daughter's well paved way to spinsterhood and is determined to stir Prof. Lee from her workaholic tendencies.

Professor Lees has been so engrossed into her work of proving comedy brings out the best best in everyone... But that would be a generalization...Comedy brings out the kid in us. When honesty and silliness is a way to diffuse anger and frustration. She has gotten accostumed to thinking love is out there to find her and for now her work is there for her to love. It is perhaps the thought of expanding her life and family unto others. Dr. Linnaiah sees herself in her but thinks it is completely a disgrace for Dr. Lee not to fall in love.

Dr. Linnaiah is an endless romantic and been married 8 times. She's a Russian-American woman with a flair for flamboyance and style. Despite the vodka in her hand she is sharp as a tack with an amazing social intelligence that can cut like a knife. Dr. Lee is one of her best friend after her 3rd divorce from a very controlling husband. Dr. Lee married her for citizenship with the persistent offer by Dr. Linnaiah simply for companionship and to be closer to Wanda. Lizzie is the godmother of Wanda and good friends with Dr. Lee and Yu Ting- the mother of Wanda. After a year of marriage for convenience Dr. Lee and Lizzie fell for each other like a true husband and wife. Dr. Lee eventually died of cancer from radiation exposure. Lizzie can't have any children and poured out all her love to Wanda and desperate to have a grandchild from Wanda.

Wanda and Lizzie are more like best friends having the same interest in idealism and passion for people and culture. One big difference is Lizzie adopts to changes while Wanda remains sentimental. Lizzie has been married to 4 more men during Wanda's College years whom Wanda refers to as Foreskins 1,2,3 & 4. All of Lizzie's husbands are well known businessmen and winemakers. Lizzie is a highly congenial maverick with a strong clairvoyance that has kept men running after her brilliance. She is of course a master manipulator but does have a conscience when not to lead them on.

Wanda fell in love with her soulmate named Vincent Hen back in College. He had an aneurysm at the age of 34. Wanda has been jaded ever since and found refuge in her work doing research. She has supported many missionaries but finds herself too wanderlust to adopt a child at all.

Plot ideas...

Lizzie discovers that Shawn is the Principal of Wanda's High School and she has been convinced that the two have a deep seated interest in each other. "I undertand Shawn that you are afraid of loosing the High Schoo'ls reputation but I must say your deeply bothered by this researcher..." Shawn, " She's a thorn on my side...I can't stop thinking about her day and night.." Dr. Liz, "Do you have any feelings for her perhaps?" Shawn, " Absolutely not!"

Lizzie with Wanda. Wanda, " Why doesn't he just mind his own business and leave me to handle the students? Let's face it! Some of these kids need an outlet and unlike his priveledge life...they have to struggle through life without much father figure. They have to find their identity while He ( Shawn) has been waited on hand and foot....It's like I have this phantom hanging over me trying to make me be this Southern Bell to all these student..."Could you perhaps be a little sensitive to all these children and families culture... and teach them some self restraint and drop the political rhetorics.." Wanda emote, "Of course Mr. Shawn let me kiss all the boards of directors old asses and stick to their agenda of smothering kids with external controls, kill off their ideas and sense of humor..." Lizzie cuts her off, " You like Shawn don't you? " Wanda goes, " Absolutely not!"
Ms. Lady G, Maggiea and Bratty B comes rushing in the house after a shower with the maid. Lizzie gave them a big hug despite getting her clothes wet from their showers! My babies...She looks at Lady G..." Wanda...remember when you took these dogs for the doggie parade?" stroking the dog on the back while her tail gently wags. Wanda, " Yes mother!" Lizzie, " I think my Lady is pregnant...both looks at the dog's belly. The two nods in synchrony. Lizzie, " I get more out of my lovely bitches than I get out of you!" Wanda frowns, "Mother...That's about the most despicable thing you ever have to say..." Lizzie, " Come on Wanda...get a man and give me a grandchild...We can have a little Sofia..." Then the usual, " Get yourself a man Wanda...Your eggs are getting old as we speak..." Wanda, " I knew your just about to say that! Fine Mother...My eggs are rotting...Let me have spread my legs to the first man I meet in SF...But ohh! I just remembered most of them are gay and the other half drunk or insane... Not to mention the diseases out there could kill me" Lizzie, "There are test for that and you don't have to be too paranoid. Just don't start off the date with a trip to the lab for blood test!"

Wanda back in school have students doing research on google, doing acting roles for the comedy skits. She hands out keys that are used as an exchange device for each one that gets offended and forgiven. If a student refuse to forgive they loose their key to the door club and exempted fromt the program.
This is the F word that each student must adhere to in order to stay in the program.

Professor Wanda gave the students their assignments to present in class a few expressions in English which they find very amusing. She starts out by passing a ball to each student to blurt out a common expression.
Corinne looked puzzled "You mean like What's up?" Passes the ball to Ram.
Ram blurted out, " Whaz Up!" Passes the ball to Rashid
Rashid, " Hang in There!"
Micha, " I'm slammed on the job!"
Demetry, " I got nailed!"
Fatima, " What d'you doin!"
Jason, " Can't touch this!"
The list went on and Lara was on the board writing them all down.
"Hit me up will yah!'
"Luke I'm your Father!"
"Break it down!"

Dash," Hold on are we rappin in here because that's startin to come straight out of MC Hammer!"
Micha, " I'd say Britney just add in " Oops I did it again and Hit it!"
Corrine, " I say we pray! Pray! We pray just to make it today!"
Rashid started bip boppin...
Jason, " Now why do we say rippin and rappin anyhow? It not RIP and rap sounds like wrapper...Like CD's with plastic wrapper.
Mischa, " That's right and CD's sounds like "See These!"
Lara, " Yeah, like gettin hit on sounds really cruel but it's flirtin when we use the word."
Maduri, " How about we be havin a ball up in he!"
Lara, " Ball as in a dance ball, not a field ball!"
Corrine, " Well my Youth Pastor once told us that the ball signifies the Holy Spirit that gets passed around and give us that extra boost!"
Fatima sarcastically states, " Ah Hummm and that's what you call being in the Spirit I thought the wine brings in the Spirit and the rest of the congregation now have a choice to be drunk!"
The students start laughing louder...
Corrine started to frown and walks out!
Lara "You guys..."
Rashid, " Hey this is comedy she needs to be a sport!"
Wanda, " Let her take some time...this is why you each have a key... Now Fatima could you please..."
Fatima, " I was just sayin..Alright!"

Wanda steps out to find Corrine in the hallway..." I'm sorry professor they keep making fun of me...Fatima just have to say something!" Wanda, " Fatima come here...You both have a key...Bare in mind this is comedy and nothing said in class must be taken personally...Work it out or leave me the Key by tomorrow morning.

Fatima and Corrine started to discuss their issues and decided to give each other their keys a sign of forgiveness and acceptance. It took them a good 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, "Ladies and Gentlemen you must learn that anything we discussed here is meant to explore our creativity and must not be taken too seriously or else you can not stay in this class...Learn to say, " That hurts my feelings...Say I'm really sorry and exchange the keys. The students practiced the statements...many are chuckling and some are acting quiet seriously. Alright keep going but turn to the person on your left this time.

The students for the next few days started making an inside joke of giving each other an "F" Rashid, " Hey Ram...did you ask Corrine to give you an Eff?"
Prin. Bastiani turned around mouth open, " Excuse me gentlemen what did I hear you just say?"

Rashid, " Ohhh! Ahh! Professor Lee asked us to practice giving each other an eff!"

Prin. Bastiani called Professor Lee to his office. "Is it true that that you had the students practice giving each other an "F"?

Professor Lee..." Let me explain...." Prin. Bastiani couldn't believe his ears...." Very clever Professor Lee I just hope this doesn't come across in the wrong fashion in the entire school system...This could be a new trend of "Effin around the school!' Professor Lee, " Well, it will all simmer down as time goes by I'll encourage the students to spell it out next time!"

Wanda goes back to class and instructs the students to say the word "Four - give-ness and Four Give!" in a very slow manner.

The next few weeks Principal Bastiani would pass by and the students will start spelling the word " I Eff _Ohh! Are Gee! Ai! Vee! EE!! Four....Give......Didyou Four give today! Have yah been for givin today! Students chuckle.

A faculty staff comes up to Prin Bastiani..." How dyou like our new four's lately...pretty brilliant huh!" Prinicpal Bastiani shakes his heads.

The students then concocted a comedy skit out of all the expressions for the Friday presentation.

(Script to continue) Ideas for storyline
Lizzie says under her breath, " I swear I wouldn't do this again but by gooly...I will make you fall in love without the two of you knowing..." Lizzie will eventually counsel Mr. Shawn to take part in Life coaching with Lady Z and forget about this silly professor. Lizzie to Shawn..." You need to do a little role play and like you said before you wanted to be an actor at one point...You do have a lovely English accent....What about accentuating that with a life coach ove the phone." Shawn, " A life coach! That's a lovely idea...Do I need one when I have you Dr. Liz?" Dr. Lizzie, "I highly recommend it! She's a lovely woman but you two will never meet... this is a very speacial moment in your life when the least you need is commitment...She is highly trained but very confidential...If I give you her no. be rest assured you are getting only the best...You will have a pen name. " Shawn eyes sparks and thought it would be a great way for him to do a little acting and perhaps write a story, " I've always want to be called Diego with a Brittish accent however... I trust what you are doing for me Dr. LIzzie...Brilliance radiates from your very soul!" Dr. Lizzie could already sense that very spark she's always had over men and , " Do you really want it Shawn? Eyes wide open! You must want it if not we have another plan.." Shawn, " I want it Liz...I mean Dr. Liz...give me the key to Lady Z...I can sense something great coming on!" Dr. Liz, "Well then Diego let's meet again once you've fullly assessed the situation to make sure you are going to commit to this relationship- strictly professional!" She gently pulls the card of Shawns hand and places it in book box with a picture of a key by her lampstand. Shawn, "But Dr. Liz, I told you I wanted the coach!" Dr. Lizz, " Think it over Mr. Shawn...She hands him a rolled up paper with the instructions . Mr. Shawn looks at the 5 scripts on paper...I agree with everything Dr. Liz.." Dr. Liz, " Session is over Mr. Shawn...come back in another week and think about it." She hands him his schedule appointment a black cardboard with a word golden ink Tuesday as her usual gesture to send her client home after each session.

Shawn looks at the card, puts on a smile and quietly says," As always, my pleasure Dr. Liz."

Lizzie, "I have a great idea...why don't you take over me as Lady Z for a time while I go to Spain and do all my correspondences for a very good client of mine named Mr. Diego Martin... He is british and needs sound advise...if you know what I mean. Wanda, "Absolutely not Liz...I'm not gonna be some slizzy woman to keep one of your desperate sex driven men!" Lizzie, " Try it honey... you might just like a change of role besides being a responsible spinster librarian that you are...Call it a new dimention to bring to the table with your students in school. Spice up your life a bit! " Wanda used to Lizzies brutal sense of humor, "I refuse Liz... I can't be phoney like you are leading these men.." Liz, " He is a special client of mine Wanda...Do not blow this for me...I'll be in Spain..." Wanda, " I can't do your accent mother...I don't do Sophia Loren in Drag voice remember..." Lizzie, " It would be Diegos's first time to speak with Lady Z so it doesn't matter...You could keep up with the Spanish accent if you please just to complement him...Do as you please...all he need is a Life Coach so you may keep it kosher! You two will have no personal access other than the telephone and a very private website. Your number will register as from Columbia. She shows her the leopard printed computer with the Z end script in feathers and golden/ black embossed design front page. Log in: Chow. Password, " ZEN" The internet page is completely organized with juicy and hot characters and scripts...Wanda is familiar with all of Dr. Z's little games with men. The page is full of food and gourmet ingredients that is meant for purr-pose and prac-tease words of attraction. Lizzie goes...Never ever send Diego a picture of anything period. The key to life coaching to maintain the mystery that will ignite his passion for his work but not for romantic reasons. Strictly professional.

Lizzie gives Wanda the fake Biography of Mr. Shawn as Diego... Shawn receives a faux- bio of Lady Z's requirements.

Lizzie gets herself packed for her trip along with a maid and Wanda shaking her head. " I can't believe you are making me do this...Couldn't you talk to him in Spain instead?" Lizzie, "Wanda my darling I can't afford to loose this client...He is a Mason's son of Highest order and I promised to set his mind completely to do the task in the winery..." Lizz leads Wanda to believe that Diego is a Spanish descent Brittish born from a winemaker family who is nervous about taking on a big corporation from his Father. Her job is to get his confidence boosted up to fulfill the task of expanding the winery in a tight market and turn the vineyard into a top notch product next to the Champagne and Borddeux. Liz has a long list of contacts and formulas for advertisements and stocks of all corporation that can magnify any company into a world reknowned trademark. This is how she makes her profit by giving advises to men of power in maneuvering their businessess. On occasiona she has dabbled into sleezy talks with men as usual but has kept her life completely private. Lizzie married 8 times but never slept with anyone without a wedding ring and a hefty pre-nuptual contract to her favor. Wanda sometimes wonder if Lizzie married this men simply for her love of money or if perhaps she is just a master tactician that these men fall in love with.

Wanda have no idea that Lizzie has other motivation for sending Diego as her client under the name of Lady Z. Shawn in fact developed a crush on his own Psychologist and thought he is actually going to have an imaginary love affair with Dr. Liz as Lady Z and somehow have the wrong intuition that Dr. Liz wanted him in a less than professional mannermaker. He will play along as a nervous amateur in the Winery Field for the sake of establishing a phone communication with Lady Z. Shawn finds himself completely out of the misery and professional dillema at work with Professor Lee.

Shawn thought, " The very thought of this muse (Lady Z) brings so much joy in my heart that I can not phantom... I'm starting to feel aligned to the very stars I belong to... Lady Z is my very beloved among the stars of constellation. In due time we shall speak..." (Thinking with a Brittish accent.) I'm a winemaker of Spanish descent and an amazing resume.

Shawn comes to work looking mighty and the faculty starting to notice a change in his tone of voice. More relaxed and fresh...a man who has finally made way with a woman at least they thought.

Wanda getting ready as a dutiful daughter for Lizzie practices her Spanish accent and reads over Columbian government and watches Shakira on MTV and you tube. She has her students role play with various accents, pretend to be a variety of food, animals.
Fatima being a sensational writer makes jokes over food preps along with Lara.

Dash Joseph teams with Marcus on a Rap song about life in the Ghetto. The two will be bragging over their twits with famous rap artists and singers.

Lukey finds himself falling in love for Fatima at his Jewish parents expense and makes every effort to secretly get Fatima to speak with him on facebook under a false You tube channel on Islam is Great! He pretends to be a woman in search of truth in Islam. He complements her on her various beautiful Hijab.

Fatima is in love with fashion and make up and secretly makes videos of herself unbeknowns to her parents. Her father adores her and would be broken hearted but Fatima demands an outlet from her very cloistered religion. Her parents are believers Isa who ran to the US for refuge in Iran to England. She has the sweetest Brittish accents and plays it off. Her religion remains Islam but her fascination is on Isa and Mariam. She is a crusader for women's rights along with her mother. Her mother allows her internet use for women's rights...but fashion remains her passion.

Lara is in love with every other guy and tries out for cheer leading but too uncoordinated to make it to the finals. She has a strong sense of mastery with Math and Science and a natural for pottery.

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