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Como te Dejiste?

EstherT1's picture
on February 8, 2011 - 8:48am

These words came to me this morning and like the clock and vitruvian I know it came from above. I try to check what it really means as I am not sure and why? I can hear your voice, "It came upon a midnight clear..."

I always hear you sing in my ear but that's just a coincidence! It's the songs stuck in my head I'm sure! I think that's why you like to sing them... Do you just like these sad songs or you can't help it because its i your head swimming to be sang on the piano.

It's always in the morning when I awake that I come up with these new ideas and many from the dreams. There are tims I cried like the Vitruvian man on the clock. YHVH in Hebrew looks like musical notes very lovely. I feel like a kid sometimes thinking of all the games that I played and always asking Y? Y? Y?

Apparently the moment you ask why? Y? You inadvertently ask God who has a staff L = ? why?

Another thing is the Kabbala should be turned upside down? and played like drums ( I know it's weird messages). Ii suppose it should be horizontal plane vs. vertical as it was His body and not some magical scheme. They are infusing sexuality with God and it does not make sense since marriage in the spirit is not physical. Anyhow, the false belief only makes the case for Jesus Christ stronger! They can't produce a Messiah from the rituals.

The message of Kabbala turned God into a serpent I suppose where magic comes from bottom when God blesses from the top to differenciate from the evil force. See Asclepius and that's where the Hippocrates and Medicine comes up with the snakes on the Medical symbol. Pool of Bethesda or Shiloam used to be cosidered healing until Jesus Christ performed the miracles there to show it's Him who creates miracles. The magic are erased by His presence which is more potent and awe inspiring. Now remember Moses Exodus 7 and no. 21:9 ...His staff turned into Snake on the cross - that's Jesus Christ! Kabbala tries to induce schizophrenia with dopamine enhaning substance like coccaine. The Messiah already came which is why they end up with demonic possessions that torments them. Real inspiration from God, one is never forced and you can deny it anytime. It tugs in your heart but it never burdens you. It can make you cry but feel the humility.

The picture below with the circle must be in Carmel. What happens in Zion does not stay in Zion/ Sion ( We have it in Switzerland - Dan Brown never mentioned it). Tel-aviv Sion

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