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E-Brew Pic-to-gram

EstherT1's picture
on December 14, 2010 - 12:22am

Whatever you do not do this to people P-l-Ish!

Never ever tell people what their names mean in e-brew! It will drive them crazy!

Never ever spell their names back-wards and add little chops on them. Their mind X-pands!

Never Slash your T's and cross yah Eyes!

Never dots your Eyes!

Never make a pen that says Ishy Pen. No tushy pen

Never drop the C on the Clicky pen

Never ever ever call on yo mama on the phone for Ad-Wise!

Never share your pen with ishes!

Never make love with your key board

Never con-sult your Esthers

Never ever con-verse your ishes

Never dot their initials - like M.D. , Ph.D, Eng.,

Never use the quotation mark on peoples loobly words

Never use the As_T_E_Ricks

Never tell the Macs or MC that their name means the Mick - you have the Key!

Never tell people what a He-brew pictograms are! (did I say this already)

Never change their name if you don't like their real names. Isaac to Jacob, Mohammed to Mo-se

Never tell people Gooo - El and Yahh and VooH WOOH and Heyyyy! Means the One and Only one!

Never read backwards or turn numbers upside down. That's just a bunch of Pervs- ish!

Never tell your mama how wonderful she is because she'll open up all your presents and dish it!!

You still can't tell no one you are Jew! You! Oh! You!

Naughty, naughty always hidden under Shesheshes! She shells!

We all know that it's not the All'h doin the Job but the Elle office done it already! But dang it! Never tell them dot and hide it!

Never give away your Yankey actually does mean you like to yank their chain.

Never talk to your pet or make love with your food

Never make loving noises with your mac computer

Never crack the eggs with your smelly feet when you can handle them with care on your seat

Never incubate the eggs with smothering love songs and huggies

No tickle the letters with yo fingers! (they love it)

Never remind your grand-ma YOd love them

Never tell them that T.Y. means "Towards Covenant"

Never rap on You Tube nor unwrap your CD too much subliminal massage they like it strip it to the core and dance to dot tune!

Don't ever bee too exciting to the eyes of the unsuspecting view-ers - They'll start changing colors and drive all men and angels crazy with their arrows!

Don't turn Yish-rah-el into an Elizabethan Romance! They'll have too many kids and you'll be out of linens!

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