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ET For Fun...

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on February 26, 2012 - 1:44pm

Wanda proposed a new project for virtual fashion exploration...

Women's Project...

Fashion design and retail...

Wanda, "I would like the entire class to create a best selling Fashion Wardrobe that would suite young women to dress up in a sophisticated and classy fashion."

Mischa, " Oh my gosh! This is just what I've been wanting to do!"

Wanda, " Alright Mischa then you may lead this program... Criterias are as follows...The clothing design are suited for all young women and must be modest...Clothes that foster success and innovation!"

Demetry, " Can it be futuristic?"
Wanda, "It has to be modest and practical...something that mothers and fathers would not be embarassed to see their daughters in!"
Raj, " What about the men? Do we get our also?"

Wanda, " Men will have their versions also. The store should evoke good style, comfort, function and best of all..."

Maduri, " Is it multicultural?"
Wanda, "How ever way you like it!"

Luke, " Good vibes that promotes success!"
Wanda, " Precisely look although I'm not sure what the vibes could pertain!"
Luke, "Good business sense. Something that makes money but not to hard to set up. Something made with music and beats!"
Wanda, "Alright...Have a business plan."

Maduri, " What's the cost of opening one?"
Wanda, " Let's just say 1 Million!"

Mischa, Fatima, Lara Lai, Mai, Corrine and Madura were on a roll....

The girls created a business called "Designer Sistahs!" The store will be advertised to many Universities and place of worship. Motto of the store is "Good things happen as you make 'em!"

The store will have section for computer and fashion scapbooking...It will have a teacher, designer section and textile section for outfit making. Selection of design are available and young people can create their outfits. They can also just buy a retail outfit. The cost of making a personal oufit range from $50 - $200 including 3 classes. Library of outfits designs are available. Alterations can be done for a price and theater Museum on how clothes are made runs-featuring various fashion designers fostering modest clothing. Textiles and T-shirt section can have designs printed from students design. Finish product will be photographed and entered for mass production. The students will vote for their best outfit of the month. This is a student directed clothing design that fosters creativity, ingenuity, style and function for the future working class and successful women. A narrative of each designer will be kept in the library for archives. This is where young women can come in and bring their ideas of clothing into the store and take part in creating their imaginations. Students can buy their own materials to saw and a teacher will be available at all times to help them create their outfits. Aspiring fashion designers and creative artist will flock this store for ideas, creative atmosphere and social events. Music will range from soul, jazz, Christian, hip-hop and classics. Fundraising events and small run-ways will be featured. Mischa is very particular about adding grace and class to the clothing and features many pastels and soft designs on her work. She wants an atmosphere inspired by young women as opposed to big named designer but willing to entertain big named designer as part of their repetoire.

Raj, Demitry, Luke, Chris and Michael decides to create a more practical store for men's uniform and T-shirts. Sports gear and alterations will be available for young men. The clothing designs are available and large photos of young athletes are posted. They will focus on sports theme and uniforms. The will have 3 taylors available and one designer to assist the young men in creating their respective clothes. The motto "Million dollar Uniform for Less! Brings out the Best in You!"

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