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Farm Inc.

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on January 15, 2011 - 12:54am

When Mary was pregnant the donkey was really having a rough time walking in Bethlehem. So the donkey told Jesse, " Jeez I can't handle it anymore!" These dumb folks don't know who you are and I'll be carrying all the load all night long. So Jesus decided to send an angel to have the sheeps cry out Bah! Bee! Bah! Bee! The owner of the inn finally open the door only to send Mary and Joseph to back of the stable to have Jesus and the name baby was coined. The donkey finally got his way! Bah became the expression of where to go in Hebrew! Back became the new way in the stable.

Mary gave birth and the mouses were really happy, "Ick, Ick, IcK Ick." This is the origin of Mick -ick!"
The horses went "Eeeh Yahh! EEh! Yah!" This means eye and YHWH. Manger was with hey therefore Hey became the word to welcome or greet a new friends. Eeeh will eventually inspire Einstein to develop E=MC square. All the Macs (Machintosh, Magic, Music, MC, Mickey, Micro and Monkey becomes popular.)
The cows started Mooing and so mooving and Muse became well know.
Then the dog started barking, "Bark, ark, bark, ark!" Arc became a popular symbol!
The pigs started saying, "oink, Oink, Oink" Companies became developed from Inc.
Cats started, "Meow!" Me Ouh!) Mail became the future letter carrier!
Then the turkeys started singing " gooble- gooble!" Goog-El and goo', go' became a popular expression and action.
(above content are sheer fable oriented but not really true)

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