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Field Trip

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on August 12, 2011 - 2:17am

Villa Del Cielo along with 5 other wineries provided scholarships for a two week summer course for Sophomore and Junior Students.
Principal Bastiani piloted a field trips to NY and the surrounding University for High school students to have an exposure to College life. The students also raised money through weekend gigs playing for restaurants around Berkeley and Marin county once a month.

As a token of appreciation each restaurant, music hall and university received a golden key designed by the students. The students gestures are equipped with a medieval outfits along with a white phony for each gigs titled, ET for Fun and another one called, " I am Phoney!"

The students ran a skit on celebrities like Bratny Spears, Mad Donna, Rehannah, Yosh Grooveon and Ossy Os'barn. The Marching Band called "Trump ET" joined the students for the fund raising events.

The story revolves around dogs who are inspired by the song,
Ewe Rice Me Up! Each individual celebrity dogs were transformed from their wicked ways to a stellar and upright animal after meeting a ram named Yosh Groove-on. The scene starts out in an old Barn and the animals are fighting until Yosh came and sang to the dogs in the barn. The singing ram
inspired the dirty dogs to wash up! And clean up their dirty tailed habits. Yosh is not the best dancers but can sure spice up a crowd with merry making and funny greetings.

Bratney Spears trashy outfits became classy and she started reading up on Shakespears books. Rehannah's ghetto lines turned into thought provoking lyrics with an iambic flare. Mad Donna's demonic outfit turned into a pristine Queen of peach hue. Ozzy OsBarne lead a flock of devonaire Alpacas and no longer hanged out with cockroaches and spiders.

It's a radical skit with a good moral to the audience. Mad Donna ends the story with a statement, " Dirty old dogs can learn new tricks!" Ossy O'barn adds, " A teach the puppies better manners!"

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