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Funny or die-Erry

EstherT1's picture
on December 10, 2010 - 8:06am

Ray Have tells Jacob of her she-Cret Diary with the free layers by
Bridges Josh die-Erry! Featuring a CD called Ex-press You-self on
You tube! Jacob meets Jack. Nick goes Layers oops lawyers for free foundation. Jacob jet sets to dis-cover father's life in the amazon. Manuel is missionary comedian stand up comic! The naked truth of it all Jacob's father got caught in the drug-lords jealousy over truths in comic skits freeing them from paramilitary activity. Jacobs real name is Elijah! Father performs in an 8 sided chapels or centers for entertainment. While Elijah was nursed by different women around the world. He meets old friends and mothers along the way. He looks just like his father with curly hair!

Jack was actually a portuguese computer installer and a language buff who is often paranoid of germs! But a great resource for untapped materials. Elijah has his fathers skits- finally!

The amazon has been without life due to drug infestation and Elijah or Jacob will bring back the funny bones to those dry spirited and anxiety ridden land!
He meets the kapawera dancers who will fight off the paramilitary druglords and installs computer foundations dor you tube expansion, movies and I tunes production. The Geek-squad Learn-E Fun-Nation In Spanish and Portuguese Bun-ny or Dive trans-e-lation! Vice-existe-in-me!
Return of the revel-nation to the land of dies!

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