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Good things to come!

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on August 11, 2012 - 8:54am

It is my joy and honor to write this journal as I am so inspired by every breath. The music and lyrics of Josh Groban hold sentimental value and healing power to soothe my soul and refresh my spirit.

I wanted more and more of Josh music to stir the hearts and minds of people in a new light. There will be more more media explorations of Illumination lyrics and the many interpretations found in various languages of love.

I am thrilled to know that Josh is back he California for some time. Josh is a great moral support for many children and parents who wants to give a greater influence and inspire children to express themselves and their beauty thru music.

In the days to come...many strategies for marketing will be expanded. I'm praying for open doors across the US and also internationally for harmonious and sentimental music to reach up and out. This would be magnetic in magnitude. I can even forsee many universities and high schools expand in their scope of teaching.

The Arts and Theaters are the main grounds for exploration and excursion of the mind that brings out the intelligence and beauty of the youths expressive arena.

I'm expecting a deep sentiment and romance in the lyrics of Josh. Collection of words that spans time and space. Languages of Love and graceful words.

Lately, I've found joy in knowing that Freedom and Goodness makes a greatful and cheerful hearts. Romance is real and palpable. The magnitude of LOVE overpowers bitterness and sorrow.

Josh Groban and Mondavi set a great example of joyful union of forces that has such great impact in the community. My soul sings! It breeds honesty, fortitude, remembrance and ever expanding inspiration to the community and beyond.

Creativity and goodness is beyond comprehension when combined with hungry hearts willing to push forth like one big embrace - touching hearts, minds and soul.

Promoting Good Friends, Good Fellows, Good Fathers, Good Faith, Good Food and Good Followers; Good Fried Chickens certainly changes the venue of music and theaters into something expectacular and enriching.

I'm on a quest to know more of Freedom and Goodness. I'm thankful for all the words in Josh Groban Music and finally... A breakthru! I don't need any of the negativity this world has to offer. I have Love! Grace! Overpowering joy and a FOCUS! FOCUS! FOCUS on that which is good and TRUE!

No more liberals, democrat, republican, etc. It's all about good liberals, good democrat, good republican...All that is good brings us back to ONE! The giver of Good things is the Most High who inspires good Music! The good will do good and the bad they can be where they are or be inspired to do that which is good.

Apparently either do good or not good is all we have to do in this world. Busy doing good stops bad things from happening. So keep all the good company, good music, good news, good food and point out the good in life...Good beats anything else. Good is better than great! It's good that is of God! The giver of Good things!

This is so fantastic! JOSH Groban gets good results from good! Not much else matters. Good Forces always replenishes our soul! It's that simple! Love what is good and good things happen!

Love per Sempre,

Jackie/ Apple (The good Apple)

P.S. I love letter G (it's a circular arrow pointing up) Go Groban Go! G clef Treble is Music!

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