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Groban Garden

EstherT1's picture
on July 15, 2012 - 8:13am

Here I am!
alone and broken hearted...
walking around the tree of life
Without a home and without my beloved

I think I should just lean and cry
for it doesn't matter how I try
I still am lost within this garden
with one question...Why?

To when will my heart open
Is there a key that unlocks the door
The one that has long been closed and shut
And will my heart sing once more and soar

Oh my darling beloved
How far must you go alone
Don't you see I'm broken hearted?
In the garden that lays without you...

Illuminate my heart oh Precious One
I've waited long and hard...
Not a voice is heard around my path
That leads me to you my love

Why must I be alone...
To witness all the things around me.
It matter not to many but
I stand here in misery

I cry out to the heavens
I cry out to the sea...
I cry out to the valley
And my tears has filled the rivers and watered the tree

The moss lays green and luscious
I'm missing the hand to hold me
All things beautiful and green
Seems empty like a desolate dream

So much for nothing I have toiled
I scanned the never ending trails of stories
Why can't they see answers that's within
And why I search for love without answer

All the birds have their lovers
All the rabbits have their beloved bunnies
All the lambs have their pairs
And here I stand alone and in despair

When does it end I gasp in tears
How long do I stay alone...
Who can redeem me from sadness
I wish I could stay in slumber just to leave the madness

Endless it seems...
And my hair is wet with tears
My lips can't kiss the lips I've always yearn to kiss
My joy is empty for it's only in you my soul's a bliss

Is there a miracle for one to believe?
When all takes place for dreams exist
Yet One wish of mine is lost in streams of
water and I'm not there touch you...

I see your shadows...
I see your pain...
I see hear your voice at sunrise till sun sets
And even when it rains...

Yet where you stand and where I am
divided by the stream...
I tried to reach you but I can't seem to swim
I tried to sing and love is but a dream

Show me a sign of Faithful One
For in my heart upon this garden
A tree of life I'm there...
And upon my heart a beam

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