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I can only imagine

EstherT1's picture
on May 9, 2011 - 11:56pm

I can only imagine...
(This is a song that helped me make it thru
life loosing my mother and never again to hear her voice)

What life would be
without music
without sound
to live a world
in quiet destitute
to see all hearing
to see all dancing
And hear not noise
nor sound of birds
nor songs of songs

I can only imagine
What that would be
To be alone in a world of hearing
To be alone in a world full of dancing
to be alone in a world of sound
to be in a world where laughter is
Yet not could hear.

To hear no cars
To hear no cries
To hear no laughter
To hear no voice
To hear no wispher
To hear no echo
To hear no music
and to ...
To hear no Y-O-U

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