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If love is real

EstherT1's picture
on May 2, 2011 - 11:53pm

If love isn't real
Then what am I here for.
If music is not real
What am I here in this world for

When you have only one life
You wish all would have life to live!
When you have no one
You wish for the world to be in love with the One!

As one knows the boundaries
The edge of life to painful to cross
I wish I was a water lilly afloat upon the
valley shores...

The waves of life goes up and down
The wind may blow me down the path
I'd brave the water
Just to see he river below

The raging water waves
the downpouring stream
the sparkling water gushes
I'd be falling to the extreme

Just to see the rainbow
Just to see the scene
Just to see the birds amidst
the blue sky and dancing leaves

I would never rest
My heart so tainted
So full of love and joy
Despite the many sorrows

Be no other
Than who I am
I risk to see the beauty
I'd endure the ruggged rocks
around the bends

The stakes are high and
the wind is strong
The dive is painful
And the fall is anything but wrong...

If love isn't real
Then what am I doing here?
If music isn't real...
Then what am I doing here

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