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on February 13, 2011 - 4:50am

Illuminati / Kabbala Renovation

Grand Master: Jesus Christ
from 33rd degree to 180 degrees

Baphobet - slash it!

It's now the book of Luke!

Madonna - slash it!

It's now Esther - Hadassa!

I am declaring a spiritual warfare in all areas of the Illuminati till all comes to the real root of Zion and none of the false teachings. Crush the sorcery, death culture, drugs and mass manipulation for the purpose of the few!

The stronghold of Jezebel will be ripped so badly many would be looking for another high!

The grandmasters will learn the hard way and financial loss in the industry will take place.

All those in favor of freedom will be given freedom. Repentance and rejuvenation of the spirit and inspiration will ensue. I will take not of it!

I will make it clear that for the Love of the Lord Our Father in Heaven - I will not bow down to the Illuminati god of the underworld!

The real Illuminatis are God fearing men and not these power driven evil manipulators who is neither winning nor gaining eternal momentum.

If the ground is muddy, It will crash! I am predicting it's financial decline! It's going down baby!

The New Illuminati will have to stand up for their true faith! Many are still believers of the real Father in Heaven! They will flourish! Many on the top will be found wanting...

Drug involvement, sorcery, slavery and pedophilias will be found! It is happening and the spiritual warfare is going intense.

Nothing is new under the sun this has happened before! All those involve have a way out if simply the money is let go, repentance and reverence to Jesus Christ. One can only forewarn and nothing else. What will follow is the falling from grace then the chances are slim. Pruning will be massive among the top of the Freemasonry. All those below need to be restructure and reform their practice.

All the child trafficking, women trafficking, drug trafficking and manipulation of masses will be found. This are just infiltrations that was not from the original Freemasonry of God fearing men. The old form ritual of Idol worshipping is the biggest flaw of the Freemasons.

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