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I'm gonna be Darth Vader

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on June 7, 2011 - 11:54pm

I'm gonna be your Lady Darth Vader on a horse shooting people with cupid arrows to make them all fall in love! I'm a SaggiTarian on the Dragon year so watch out! It's gonna be a big one and Hispanics are gonna get it! Not even your greatest foe can resist it's charm. See how many can be transformed in love and grace. I'm just getting started!

Josh you have the greatest fans in the world! You attrack all the brilliant people and let's face it! Good girls are down right rocking this world while the naughties act like they own the world. I'm so proud of all the Grobanites and will empower them to the T. I'm as honest as I come so my opinion can be piney but when I praise...I mean it with an arrow of love!

The Grobanites are the top 10 of the world in all areas of expertise and all walks of life! We are the universe and speaks more than one language but keep it cool! Josh I'm thrilled to be part of the crew and things just keep getting better. Your humour is more than funny bones can handle. Take it from a therapist who can research out the best in all...I salute you along with the Grobanites making a difference in the world one day at a time with every tic of our hearts.

If only people have any idea the brilliance that you bring in this world and magnitude of your Je ne se qua! They will be so mesmerize and entralled by your graces. I'm so looking forward to Sacramento and San Jose concert and will be bringing some friends.

You are the muse of our hearts and we will forer love you Josh! I'm one of the most broken hearted person ever to set foot in this journal but I'm determined to make the most of the people I meet. And even when they don't find me too favorable and my thoughts are not accepted readily I stand firm to being who I an organic apple and loud at that.

I especially adore the elder groups of the Grobanite for being such an example of great taste in music not too many people can capture except for the educated ears and pure of hearts. With each fan inspiration blossoms in this world and creativity flourishes.

444's be to all the Grobanites and to Josh! I salute you! Spring forth the joy and grace!

Forever in your heart!
j@y Quepeed line also known as

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