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Joy of Art and MUsic!

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on July 29, 2012 - 8:50am

I'm so inspired to do my voice lessons. My mother was a great teacher with a PhD who taught her father's high school. She wanted to be a lawyer but my grandfather thought the school needs good teacher and so she took up teaching despite her interest in politics. She sang at her parents candidacy as Major and captures the crowd at the Muse of the family.

I live a very different life from her. I wasn't born rich but my mother always instilled Civid duty as a previledge to do good things. I volunteered in the Veterans hospital and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for many years. It paid off scholarship money and many more connections at the University. I wanted to be int he military but the curriulum requires above 3.5 QPA to enter into OT school. My ticket to get paid. I excelled in Sculpture and inspired many artist in class - but thought this will not pay the bills.

I'm not a brag to tell you that many times I took art class - teachers admire my work at a great rate more so than many perfectionist artist. Mine have a spirit that propels great things in other peoples minds. I made them to depict a story. And although I never kept them at all. I believe I can still duplicate my shapely pottery and scalptured tree with animal roots and pregnant trunk design.

I'm taking up singing because I have to be obedient to the cause and be a better listener. I have to grow my graces and respond kindly! I am meant to speak beautifully and breakdown all barriers in the media for your sake Josh! Whatever voice I have now never existed before. It's not polish but the Lord told me He will give me a voice that only I can have. Annointed! I have to bless my voice and be happy. It's just a little baby voice right now but it's going to sprout new fruits one day. I have to be patient and Thank Heaven's for Dr. Ken!

Dr. Ken thinks I can sing at Weddings! I was about to choke. He said I can sing in the High C - All I can think of is Orange Juice! I don't know what a high C is other than C for cat! He wants me to sing Ave Maria. Also to learn the Music and play the piano. He knows that I have a good thing going for my voice! And it wasn't flattery nor stroking my ego. You realize I told this man I want to sing in my comedy skit...being a singer for all serious purpose is beyond my true expectation. I agreed with Dr. Ken -whatever it my be! The Jesus will have to provide the Voice.

The least I could do is do everything this man thought me to do so I can cultivate a good voice and perhaps sing at a family reunion along with my niece. I am teaching people what I learn in his class for added benefits.

So as you can see I'm busy! And I am going to practice with popperatic music by Josh Groban. Even if my voice breaks! In fact, I want to lay down the red carpet for Josh to be heard in the media and beautiful little kisses to paved the way for a new and very brilliantly inspiring NEW JOSH CD! With my kisses and hugs! It will be booming and Booming with wonderful beats to propel the language of love! The beauty within! The joy that brings good tidings and wash away all sorrows!

Songs that heal the heart, mind, spirit and souls united in ever cascading waves of passion and devotion. JOsh CD will bring fruits and ever juicy lyrics that runneth like honey on an Apple!

It going to be beautiful! OHHH! The CD will bring so much life to souls thirsty for a delectable, sweet and tasty music that will flow like rivers of crystal crymson spirit of fine wine! Soothing the mind and spirit and bringing back hope, faith and most of all...LOVE!

I have to get back to my music lessons....


P.S. I love you so much I could sing! Even if the glass will break!

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