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In just a few more days...

EstherT1's picture
on October 6, 2012 - 3:40am

we will see the result of Election chaos and recuperation or truce and impeachment.

Only two things will happen in the course of time.

Romney will win...There will be chaos and recuperation...

Obama wins...There will be a Truce and Impeachment

I am hoping for the first.

The policies being passed are dangeriously unamerican. And the FEMA centers are not properly used for Emergency only.

Strategic power is at play and the US is under Arab control. Economy will certainly tank if OBama wins and the US soil is at risk of civil war. Martial law is already here and high profile people will be the first to hit death row.

Only Music can Unite all Americans and the Western citizens who enjoyed freedom.

I can love Muslims...I have many times in the past...but I will not fall for Islam and never will.

I will risk my life for a few laughs here and there...They can hurt me but noone takes my soul...I will live forever. I don't expect people to do the same as I do...I show my bravery when none else could muster the course...I set the trend from the mass. Noone can hurt me...The Lord Jesus protected me. I know where I stand...I stand in victory...always and forever.

According to my DNA...I'm 100 % native to the Americas (North/West, Middle, South of the Americas) ... Call me Jewish...Call me Gentile...I stand on solid ground...Victory is in my path. Not in the eyes of coward or diplomat but in the eyes of One who knows me.

I will sing...sing...sing...Till the cows come home. This is my way of imparting my spark of wisdom, discernment and bravery....In the world of insecurities and confusion... I will charge where people dare not go...and I believe they are following me in flesh or in spirit.

I sing in the spirit...They hear my voice...No a perfect person but a genuine being...Vulnerable yet brave...feeble yet courageous... Spontaneous yet with a sense of purpose...Mortal yet eternally made to inspire.

I only live on life...I refuse to live in a lie...
I only live one life.. I choose to be brave
I only live one life...I chose to make people laugh...
I only live one life...I made friends and lost a few...
I only live one life...I chose to love you
I only live one life...I'm glad to live with you in this world.

P.S. I love you

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