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Letter to Ms. j-Di

EstherT1's picture
on April 18, 2012 - 12:06am

May = I/J/Y aM = I am = Jam = Yam = Add Am = And Em (manuEl) = Yahwey "am" = Jesus Am!
Please = Place= Palace= Pa El Ease
Mr./ Mrs/ Ms. = Mary = marries = His Mother is Mary
Yo = I
Ma = What
Yo mama! Am Am O You!

I know about the child with the finger! I deleted it from my Facebook! There are breeches every wear in my computer. My songs are being manipulated again! My photos were too!

I should write a skit about FaceBuck! And Yo mama Family Tree is so big! The black root Histeria!

I will one day be the Greatest Black Comedian in the face of History! And if noble Peace Price isn't corrupt I would be the Winner! But I'm humbled enough to not be as big as Rose Ann Bar! I will raise the bar instead! I'll have a bigger sign than SignFeld and his father! I will be more Gay than Ellen and ...I have more Beans than than 2 lesbians! Black is now the new Jew and Djew is now Hey Bro! I'm aZion! Waddyou think!

Told Djew I have a Dream! And I survive the bagel shots loaded with Cream Cheese! And not to mention Stray skittles!

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