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My tweetart!

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on April 1, 2011 - 11:24pm

I'm finally moved in at my boss's home for free. I can't imagine not paying rent. Anyhow she wants me to entertain her little boy Andrew. Her and her husband are wonderful people. I will be praying for Andrew and his parents. She's a Christian and he is a Catholic. Both could could more fellowship. I love my room - very cozy.

Let's see It was 7:00 AM gotta wake up...gotta be fresh...go downstairs gotta have my cereal... It's Friday...Friday...

Fun..Fun...Fun... I went to Chucky Cheese with some kids and parents. Then I thought of Josh since one of the kids are named Joshua. I'm really tired. Had a headache for 2 days....had my tylenol from my friend. Head still attach. Prayed for everyone and for you and your family. I just thank you for all that you do for so many people.

Hugs and Kisses\(*O*)/

(did you feel the tickles? Here's one for your little ears!)


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