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Oh! New Y_rk!

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on August 25, 2011 - 11:18pm

FYI There is nothing interesting in this Journal...Just a little rap and song...I'm just having a thinking diarrhea Yew know how it goes...

I'm back on track like snack!
Long as you grab the chips and crack!
Life is a knack!
Knock on door three times!
Throw an Apple in the Air
And get their nuggin Straight!
Get on with Con Gress!
Drop the cons and go with pro-gress!

Then back up on the Jew and
Get the News!
Get the Media on Air
And let's the J_ice in News!
We need Israeli news in sight
So we can set the world in light!

Yew use the brain...
Even when you are in the rain...
Flash out the curse in drain
And get back on the Train...

Tic! Tac! Baby!
Now Hip and a Hop!
The rain is coming in and it ain't
just that!
There's wind!
Movin in and out!
I hope you got the gel
New Y_rk your hair will get tossed up in the Air!
It's Brr...
It's gonna get real wet and cold...
But yew gotta get off your butt and
help the neighbors in Sup To brr...
Take care of dogs that b-ark and cats that purr...
The weather won't be purrfect
But there is joy in the pack

Where is the Sweeney!
He better learn to swim!
Or climb up on the stair and ride up on the boity!

J_w know how to handle rain and storm!
It's brr... get out your fountain pen
Write to the Man above and
Don't forget to use your brain in rain!

Eye on the St_rm!
New Y_rk! New York!
Re mem ber!
You kow how to rock in storm!
With the right members!
And when you scared?...
Toss your hands up in the Air
And ask the wind to stop!
Jew need the Y!
While you are asking Why?
You need the Hey
Call on your friends and say! Hey!
It's Vav!
as in a bobbing boat!
Still raise up all your hand
and say Hey to the Man above!

It's gon na be al right!
Just bring your umbrella and sing
I'm singing in the rain!
Just singing in the rain!
Just get your boat out
And keep your butt in the game
Just singing!
J-ws singing in the.....Ra_n!

We need the Y_ws and J_u to make
Restitution to restore the h_art of
the Jewnited St_Te of Am Eric Ahh!

I swear the news keep calling my name!
My Dad is brilliant!
My name is Apple
I'm the real Apple
And Josh is in the Big Apple!
Actually he is on the road a lot!
bouncing like a bunny with a hip and hop!

Josh is an Invisible man
Now you see him in the Sac
And now you don't!
He is my H-R_!
But for the most part I know him
As a Joshie J-gro!

Jew like the HP
but Job made me great 4 I'm the Apple 4!
I am the real deal of the M-da P_ck en M_c In T_sh!
My real inspiration in the Apple Air is by the name of J-sh!

Apple is I!
I am a sweety!
I can be sugar sweet!
I can be sour if needed to be spicy!
I can be 50/50
90% nice and naughty!
10% fully wild like card
don't mess with me...
I thread upon the vine..
I walk up and down and keep in line
Don't mess with me
4 I know how to destroy all the cweepies!
I can even push Eye Rine out in the
Atmosphere with J + me!

I flush the curses...
I push the keys...
I drum out all your fears..
And keep the Jew in gear...
It's brr...I feel the wind of St_rm Eye Rine
And I raise Up All in the Air!
And rise up in the Rain!
Like a bear who care!

J-Y says it's a warning...
Jew York get back on gear...
Keep your Eye out for Pete Sakes
And don't give up the ring!

Get back on track...
Get back in the Ring...
Jew won before so don't forget
Your gonna win along like a dream
That's a team!
Kick off the world tradition
And stick up on the Thor Ah Zion!

Jew gonna win September
And it's Oh Ghost check on Zion!
Eye on the ring!
Don't let them get away!
We + J will get in on the game
And win the play!

I turn around the block
and I see J_sh there in Sac!
Oh! Em! Gee!
Yew guys are killin me!

Sac and the City!
I say Sock and the SeeT!
Get the media back on track
And T I on in stock!

J-sh singin in the Sack
Throw off the Jezebel in shock!
It's quite a knack!
All curses out of stock!
"I" sent it off to the mud and
turned it into a laughing stock.

Get back on track New York
Cause it's comin Brr...
I feel an Apple in the atmosphere..
It's Brr...I'm the real Apple
New York get back on track
So we can win Sep Tem Brrr..

Jack is my name
It's from Jackob
like Job
and I get Jew Job on line
I am on line

My name is Jack you line!
I Yack and Yack on line!
And I called Josh as mine....

Josh is my _ERo
but he don't ride the boat and row..
He rides the plane
Many times on the bus and playing games

I caught him smokin pot and
I sent him to weed-had
And threatened to spank his
Gee kept him busy...
Oh I say how cool ish that
A world tour for the Josh
And he's back on track!

I sure _ope nobody sees this!
The ewes are gonna kill me if I'm right!
Oops! My last name is Ill Era!
K+Ill is a yoke!
My name is a complete Joke!
K Y ll is Okay Yllera! That's the real name that you Y'ell!
As in the U of Yale!
I am El! Yeah! Rah!
El! Yeah! Rah is the way to pronounce my name...
It's like a game...
It's hard to Kill my Yll!
I got fullproof-best
Covered in the blood of Jess the Best.

Alright.. Enough about me singin in the rain for the Big Apple...
Ja key thing is ward off the rain to Spain...
The big Apple is just getting a slap on the butt for forgetting to support Israel. That kind of hurt you know...The Jews in Israel getting bombed and NY still sitting on stocks like a stork...
I already know many Jews are not sleeping well with what is happening in Israel. I called Avi Lipkin. I almost called him Abe...He didn't like that... Anyhow...Avi Lipkin things that all the Jews in New York and the media are bought out by the Muslims and Real Money..."The Media is paid for by advertisement and that is what the media will show! The media is paid for by the Muslims...It's not the Jews or the Christians... The only thing out there are the Christian media who is willing to broadcast Israel. The alternaive media is the only place to go..."
Gees I thought to myself what a pessimist...What can I jew now!

I already have jars for fear, anxiety, shame, tremors, curses...Oh and let's not forget anxiety...Now I got another jar for pessimism. Pesky Ms. M! We need Opti Ms. M.

I know we are just stroking the fundamentalist Muslims on their tush to calm them down... I have no doubt that Jews in the media have something brewing underneath their stiff necks and ruffled feathers. Ja key thing is to snuggle up and find good words to calm people down and jot down a good strategy to target all the UN representatives. Sweet lips and blessings. We need leash on all the UN representatives. The tickle leash works best. Drop the line and make them fish for more. Bunnies give them a nice little tickle and send off the good message on the news....Jew love you too my Arab brothers...Kisses and Hogs! Calm down pitt bulls!

In the meantime, Israel is squirreling in the bomb shelters...praying for miracles and eating little matzo bread from 10 years ago along with some honey...I'm sure the NY bunnies are working things out with their pitt bulls who give them bread and butter for a living! Those big Pitt bull Charlies on whorses that push and pull the money in the stock market and feeds the Baal of Mecca are doing such a fantastic job running all the opium, drugs and gun cartels and using Jews like pick up line while the world sleeps and overdose or die from gangster hand guns.

Those Pitt bulls bark and hiss and bunnies go in their stage to do just what the dogs and snakes like them to do...Let's keep America from the dirty truth and butter them up with Hellywood style potion. Put more perfume over the stinkin canal. We are fine on the slippery slope. The Muslims got it all in order thanks to all of US sleeping Jews and Christians along with other 5 Billion non-muslims.

NY bunnies just have to give in to all those monsters and feed their egos. Ohh! Jews in Israel can figure it out! The whole world needs to be quiet and we need the stocks for all our Pitt Bull Charlies...At least NY bunnies get to giggle and pinch their tush while Ohhh! The Jews in Israel tremble in fear over Rockets....Bunny Jews are eating away in restaurants. Reading the news that tells them nothing of the truth...Just enjoying the weather here in US...Watching NY Rockets on theaters. Oh of course Israel gets to see fire crackers and sparkles in the air that can kill them and their entire family in one jot. Bunny in NY City get to dance around with gaydols and promote sex on TV...have a few gay guys make a silly fool of themselves so all can laugh and Concast gets their cut for turning america into really ignorant little mouse. We and the world are watching Bugs bunny, keepig up with the Kardashias (I wonder if they knew Armenia was a victim of genocide at one point) and drowning our minds in senseless thoughts and seduction. Zionism is now the new racist group. Oh! Jesus only gave his life for the world to be redeemed. Big deal right? John 3:16 that make really good sense to call Zionism a racist! Why correct the Muslims. For the most part those Bull Dogs and Pitt Bulls are really sweet... Long as they are not too hungry and start to eat US for meat! we are democracy in US just being ruled by little Satan from Mecca. Let's keep all things quiet so one of these days Israel can be divided and We the United States can say....We didn't see it coming. There was this Eye-Ring storm...Wonder what it means...Eye! I! Ring? Wedding ring...The first miracle of Yashuah in Israel is about this wedding and the rings like covenant...Torah...That doesn't really ring a bell for many Jews now does it! We just toss the ring to the enemy and marry our gays in full agreement with the enemy and only forsaking the Sacrament of marriage...Sacred Marriage don't really exist if we are in disagreement with G_D now does it? Really!
Eye- Ring Eye of the Storm...Eye Witness... Torah is a bulls eye...That doesn't really ring a bell to anyone does it...

Is there an Apple without J_sh? Ohh! Apple without St_ve I mean. Of course there is an Apple with Eve. Oh! I mean Steve..Eve would make Apple gay/homo/queer... Apple with J_sh is better! All we need is a ring! Eye on the Ring!

This world is like a circus! I'm in it...Y_w in it! Of course It's a gr__T Time in His Story!


Wanda Beth Lee Hen

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