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One of them days...

EstherT1's picture
on September 12, 2011 - 9:56am

When you feel like a void is just wide as Lake Tahoe. I wish to just be taken out of this world and go home! I just want to go home! I wish to find a little warp to sink into and fly far far away. I wish to fly and go home. Leave everything behind and see the other side. I want to see my dad laugh and cheer me on.

I want to bring a little apple for Jesus to take a bite. Then we take a picture and send it down to all the Muslim Imans to for them to see how Jesus likes to eat! I want a picture with the Saints and Angels eating Seder! We will watch TV and look at all the funny things people do on Earth!

In the meantime I don't get to go home yet...I don't know how long I stay here. I'll just have to keep writing and I just hope this void won't take up the whole bed. I'm trying to be happy but I feel so restless. I don't want to sleep if I could avoid it. I just want to see what is going on and look at the news and see that Jews are having their meals and learning to have fun! There seems to be more victory and miracles as expected like the 147 Rockets being intercepted by the majority! I know there are better news than the one showing on TV but nobody knows about them.

I wish I could give them all a kiss and a hug. I get kind of shy but not in my dreams. I give them kisses! Hugs! Smothering hugs to make their eyes and ears pop just a little. Then I take the vacuum cleaner and dust off all the curses! I take the Olive oil to get their stiff joints loose and pop a few notes in their phylacteries. I throw them a towel and lead them for showers! Then cover up wear their costumes for the theater! Everyone has a part! They will read their lines and sing funny songs! Shake the tail feathers and wiggle the cotton tails! Wiggle the ears and nose! Lift up those merry fingers and reach for the sky!

All in a days work when is it gonna end! I'm not in the province anymore! The Wizard of OZ is waiting for the Cows to come home too. I don't get to leave till then. How much longer is this going to take... Tic Toc...Tic Tac.

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