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on February 7, 2011 - 6:25am

If you are reading this...TY!
Voce Existe em Mim! ( I swear it just mentioned my name but that's just my ear!)

It will have absolutely no content of interest for it's all just a journal of me moving!

Superbowl sunday is over the packers won! Okay! I don't know much about sports I just endorse the ball game. Steelers lost and Packers won! Now it's time to pack and plan my spontaneous life! I can already sense more flights! I want to be at peace but I had to cry because I have to move again and this time be done with Apartment and live with friends and keep the condo in Florida as my home address...
I'have so much to do and so little time.

I was going to New York but I have to move for sure as the tide headed in that direction. Every time I try to meet you in a Concert it just can't be easy. My heart grieves and my heart gone! I can only swear with my breast that I truly wish to see you at David Letterman Show! God bless him!

I'm never fully in control and yes the big Guy upstairs leads to make things happen. It's weird between you Josh and God I traveled spontaneously and what appears aimless does make sense in the end. I have wild and weird imagination and the call to be an "Ambassador for the Loss!" is over rated as I am having a lot of fun in between crying and laughing. My life is upside down and I wish I know where the boat rows but I don't I just video tape my life and post it on You tube!

For sure by quarter of a year I would have more videos and my journal will be more than Ann Frank! I will have my life squared away and the book started. I will be next to Holy Land Experience and I will reverese the entire DaVinci Code! I will be bouncing back and forth but I will definitely see you follow you around online and in concerts! Don't forget me Josh! I love you more than any Star! I will bless all your people and tell them the truth! If they cry and get pissed off - they will thank me later! For the Lord lead me to watch his children - especially the Jews! I will debunk all the myths as best as I could and with the use of only my eyes and fingers! I will bring back the Jews to the Lord! One by one like little babies carried across a river to an Island of love!

I will make the blind see and make them laugh along the way! Of course you think it's unbelievable but come on! Everything is possible with the Lord! Writing is easier than I thought once I get the feeling that solutions are there and people do read!

I want to visit holy sites in Florida and New York and see plays and comedy! I will map out my A to D list of all the starssd and see how they are improving! I will look at content and style and performance and also see that they stay fun and sober! Lots of shows around the world and in a year we will have more people for peace and innovation! Many unbelievers will be tempted to search and find devine love! How sweet that is to discover the Lord! I am elated as I write! I'm so excited I want to incorporate all the Apostles who has traveled the streets of Rome and risked their lives to spread the good news!

At some point I do need be with my Beloved! I don't even know who that would be. Josh! I heard I've been replaced! Is it true? I am not wanted anymore because I hurt your feelings! You think I try to hurt your families feelings? We can't be an enabler for all these drug addicted Jews and Goyims on TV it's pathetic! I refuse to bow down to Kabbala and Illuminati schemes and feed their little ego with poisonous patriotism while they commit suicides and mass deception! My role is to tell the truth as much as it hurts and have them be challenged to rise to the top!

I want the celebrities to know that God has standards and the Jews made the covenant with God and they must live up to their names! Dopey Jews and Christians are making the rest of us look really brainless! How are we going to unite and build our families looking like sleepy hollows and shallows! The celebrities are only this way because it sells and once people can see better show they will them unclean and less inspiring ones! At least the more smart ones will.

I have strong hopes and aspirations that the Stars like Mandy Moore and singers like you Josh who are devoted to the arts and substance will rise to the top and I want more of those same qualities that mentors others to shine upon all the celebrities!

Madonna I will head butt her in the spirit until out of love she cracks and follow the truth! I could write a better book than she did and add her notorious face in it with before and after! I will put Ann Rice, J.K. Rowling, Jane Roe and many known names and stars from rehab output in my book of "Transformed Life - Revels to Revelation."

I will see to it that the children in the US sees the joy in traveling and being brilliant kids with a heart for compassion and search for truth! I want them to role play and have a stage express themselves and proclaim their purpose in life place to place!

I will be in many Illuminati places and explain to them the beauty of true God and I will have them conversing with one another!

I want to go to Turkey and map out Constantinople! I will discover many keys and hopefully by then have company to tote me around and explore the rest of Italy!

This is getting longer and I have to get back to packing! Oh! I gotta shower too! Buy coffee! I gave you kisses like it or not! Ohh I was so jealous Ellen was holding your hands tightly and looking very bright! I'm so tempted to spread a rumor about her and you but later maybe! You too have been denying a little love affair! Ellen has turned straight but could come out of the open! I saw her grining while she sniffing these hunks for a promo one time! There might be a window of opportunity for some well known gays to turn straight given the temptation!

This is why I'm still single! I'm hooked on God, books and endless analysis of people and I just can't get myself to attack a guy in bed and get knocked up! Like a liberated horny woman but no! Not I ---I have to think and think and think and worry! And I back up as much as I go forward! I have to be so flippen cerebral and frustrated this is insane! But I have a purpose! I will challenge the children of the world to teach peach and seek the Lord and choose love over fear, life over death! Okay so I don't have an order in life and men don't get me at all! They think I'm impossible but I am not! I am just very restless little soul who wants to have fun and give kisses!

I've never used drugs before and look at how crazy this writing already is. Well Josh! Or whomever may read this good luck and be blessed for hangin in there with my journal of tangential affairs and adventure!

Love yah!

I plan to write about, " The Kingdom of God as a Little Child!" This was my 14 year prophecy from Christians who I refused any significance to believe!

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