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on May 5, 2011 - 4:03am

Howd jew doin?

Hope yah likin my hebronics...
I'm so excited to see you... Louisianna is something else, but I have a good vibe!

My father told me a legend of how the women got veiled and face covered. The king's daughter ran off with a common man. King is to kill her for dignity. The king couldn't do it so he got a replica to replace her. Then told all of the women to cover out of mourn for his daughter who has to escape the country before anyone knew she is still alive. (truth is unknown).

My father that year gave me a fish necklace and my sister a horn shell. My ring with 3 stones red white and blue is from Saudi since I was 8 years old. He said it has meaning but never told me what it is . I had the binocular from Riyadh or Abu Dabie with Mecca pictures in it. He made sure I saw the pictures and said it meant something to the Arabs. I never liked the photos in the Binocular. Very eery! He fell out of ladder as a foreman and then decided to come home after 3 years contract from UAE. My father is extremely a comedian and a story teller. But he taught us self-defense in matter of a joke. He taught me Abra-Ka-Dabra Sis Boom Bah. He said this is the magic words. Story of Aladdin, stories of fables, childhood stories. He loved movies action and I love scary films. He loves cowboys. I was named after Jacqueline O. + Sharon. I'm nicknamed after a fruit. My sister is a flower. He told me some of his visions in a funny sort of way. I was trained to be a camelion and be a different animal to survive. We raised rabbits, dogs, cats, ducks, chicks, snails, birds, etc. He loved animals very much. I could just be making a big deal about my dad for no reason but there seems to be a mystery that followed me all my life. I never felt like an innocent little kid. I was very curious and stoic. It's no big deal but every time I turn around it's like a big conspiracy follows my life. Especially from last year to meeting you the first time. I could hear your voice in my mind. Someone. It could just be my desperation and delusion. I'm not the obsess kind when it comes to celebrities. I never followed anyone and had crush on boy bands. Except you Josh.

OH! Same Ah!

Been Laid In

(nothing below is scientifically factual. Counsel of 3 investigate all hunches if of any interest and use at all)

I don't believe it's a real deal. The video of Peas don't have expression...way too controlled and scripted! Motivation is hidden. Hand motion on interview minimizes the issue on the body of evidence. The forehead does not move. Duplicates are easy to get for OSH! AMA! I would believe if the skull x-rays match. Contamination likely on the body that is badly gunned down. The matter of death is like one who is framed to stand for a look alike. Osama is always armed and the woman may also be staged. I believe the old fart is dead a long time ago not by our own government! Nobody is allowed to know if OBL is dead because it will ruin the agenda. Only once a benefit to the death is going to propel the cause can they allow his death to be made known. It's not unusual for the culture to pretend the family member is still alive to keep people from loosing heart. A woman who is used as a shield would justify the body is contaminated by a different blood other than OBL. The burial is not a traditional Ishlamic tradition. Credit is flagged and flaunted to show victory - crass....It's Aprils fools Month 4/29/11 = 1+5/11 = 611 = 119 = 9/11
9=6 a sacred Mecca number. Kaballah also loves the no. 9 as a no. of completion. This has no real good significance other than manipulation and magic. An old Jezebel trick!

There are other issues to take out of the media focus right about now. Ish is brewing. Best way to stir people away from the issue is throw in a new controversy.

I believe the woman who before her death cried out the truth. There was no mistake there. I was on the stairwell when I discovered her video at Kings Cross Keystone Hostel. Death was kept secret for a long time and the leak straight out of a woman is what I believed killed Ben - A - Seer Booh Too! I won't be surprised if she is a little Isha. The veiling is Ishi not Pakistani. Democracy is her propaganda and tries to save others - Parda style. El action is coming next year. More reason to start building it up. Donald Trump was just a decoy. How cute is that! "Let me prove to you I am a good sport and I'm funny. I can take a hit and win." I should give Donald Trump a great trophy for such a lovely act. I supposed all those apprentice show has paid off. "Life is a stage and everyone is playing a part" a quote from Elvis Presley.

Deception is normal practice and admired in the Islamic society.
Expect the worst out of every diplomat. Motivation for staging is too high. Deception is part of hoodna. Ken Yah dig it? Blacks don't dig it! A barber doubts it for a reason. This tells me the vibrational sphere is not in accordance to the flow from the very people that are familiar with hairy subjects - as in black barbers. I trust musicians more than scientist to tell the truth. Scientist are visual and musicians are tactile. Deception runs deep on many fronts so counsel and fellowship is needed to test the spirit and evidences.

Al-Jazzera is very deceptive and biased. Pakistan is very Islamic, 60 Billion is wasted and used against us. But the One is protecting us. India is a better ally. India was Pakistan before Islam came about. The whole act is staged. I'd follow the Navy Seal for any kind of background. They are at risk. It may be that they are unaware that they too are being scripted and lead to believe in the lie. OBL will welcome death and renounce any wrongdoing . He is always surrounded by men and not women. The picture of OBL went from grey bearded to young and dark beard. This is unusual aging progression unless cosmetic techniques are use. The recent OBL terrror speech are most likely stored and dubbed. OBL speaks fluently in English and will take credit for any evil act to progress it's deception.

I would say he died of natural causes - Pneumonia in Afghanistan. The sun damage is hard on the body of any man even when you have olive skin. The man on recent videos are more likely 10 years or more junior to OBL. This replica must not be very smart - likely related to OBL but that's my guess. See the aging process of the Saudi Royalties and you will see that it does not match OBL. Very very odd.

In many indoctrinated individual you will see a change in the facial expression. Poker face i.e Lady G, OBL, Imans, Mamoud A. Limited upper extremity posture with a below the waste motion indicates taking control and subduing people. They have an air of calmness that is a mask to the controlling spirit that envelops them. Limbic portion of the brain is paralyzed.

Middle Easterns are very animated. You will see this as absent in many of the terrorist. There is a reason phylacteries are on the forehead. It centers the people to notice the forehead of each individual. The eyes have involuntary movements we can't control. I can spot when you are pretending to be happy or you are not. Forehead motion can be inhibited by Botox or controlled when people want to look sincere. This makes them look like a furniture.

Look, take anything I write with a grain of salt. This is only a journal and not an investigative report. One thing I can tell you is that I worked on cadavers in college and studied the entire anatomy and my favorite Philosopher is Galen - the father of Anatomy. I wanted to be a coroner at some point. I'm keen on people's sickness and spot high risk behavior before it happens. I don't claim to be 100 % accurate.

It's alright for me to be considered religiously stupid on twitter. I bless all the followers - just the selected few as the Lord wills. It doesn't pain me to be hated as much any more.

I pray daily for your safety Josh...You and your family and close friends. I want the greatest most mighty angels and the blood of the Lamb to cover you! Even if you don't know me at all.

I'm just a flawed writer...but I want and ask for braveness and courage upon all those who have knowledge and loves people.

I don't have a high drama in my life other than the people I take care of and whose lives I may touch for the love of God! You tube and journal is my outlet and had kept me calm and controlled.

Israel is gaining back their spirit and the old man is starting to move his body again!


Jackie/ hudna

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