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On the Quest for...

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on August 31, 2011 - 12:19pm

(Radom thoughts, solutions and encouragement)

I'm on a quest to keep all my computer and internet clean from bugs. I realized that so many viruses and also hackers are trying to slam down on computer savvy people! Even the Bart in San Francisco has gotten into trouble over Anonymous Group...
These same people are very much like the anarchist! They were in Greece and Rome December of 2008 and attracting youth for crazy social causes that ended up trashing banks and small businesses! I pray Anonymous never get their plan going in New York. I' suppose being an Apple makes me very proud of good health and productivity. I don't want any of the systems in the Big Apple to be plagued by some cyber thugs trying to crash financial systems and train stations like they did here in the Bart system of San Francisco.

I wonder how many Josh Groban Fans are being affected by computer viruses! I hope Josh Groban music can ward them all away and keep our networking flowing smooth and flawless.

One of these days I would like to have an automatic button to clean out drives on every You Tube sites that report it to authorities. Identifying these culprits would be good so they don't keep trashing systems and acting like a scums.

Now on the lighter note! I got my computer working and will be using apple products! I'm learning more about good networking thanks to lovely Josh Groban. You are my King! My cyber Hero!

My next quest is to get a few children's book running about 14 pages of how everyday words that can remind and inspire children of how good God is! My typing skills are getting better but my thought formulation are a bit scattered. I'm getting stuff finished and organized in due time and will be targeting things more strategically.

I must say I've followed Josh Groban and spend quite a bit of money taking time off and perusing the internet! I only obeyed what he said to follow him! Hard one to keep up with but I know many more people are getting the point and joining in on the club. I wish I have time to respond to each one and encourage personally but prayers will suffice for now.

I've been really praying for Israel and I must say the Lord has been good. In due time NY Jews will have a good connection with Israel. They will exchanging softwares and inventories along with investigation of terrorist whereabouts. I can already see how the subway systems will be improved and the community to get things together and clean up the streets!

Apprenticeship programs and mentorship programs should flourish with You Raise Me Up! My version will be Jew raise me Apple!

I can sense the media really getting work done under the table and new media popping up to compete with ever so biased media. It will only take two to change things around! As you can see I ask a lot in prayer only because my God is Good! Many prayers answered and things are falling into place like a puzzle.

I only pray for focus and concentration among the faithful followers of the One and harmony. Josh Groban song gives an air of oneness in spirit and productive drive that fosters healing, rejuvenation and inspiration. The arts are needed to fuel the brilliance of technology and business building.

Sacramento and California appear to be doing a good job little by little in reporting more fairly better than New York but we have a lot more to go. There are signs that that Hollywood clean up is happening and reports of Porn Industries shutting down due to HIV endemic and also plague at the Bunny Mansion.

Grace may be leaving some area of high crime and pervertion while the believers are getting double the grace and mercy than before. Gone where the days people get rewarded for folly... It is now a new Era of Grace with Faith and Principles.

So Josh Groban and Grobanites - You are always in my prayer and hand in hand though I do not see you! Many blessings to arise and the flow of peace and harmony be upon your heads, hands and feet.

Machine should have been my nickname but Apple will do just fine! I do not tire in praying for people and I do not get overwhelmed! I seek for solutions and aim for the advise from the top. We can call encourage one another and promote good citizenry! Values and principles. Adventure, creativity and solutions despite chaos! We can build our city! But first and foremost we must build our children's spirit for a fruitful life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that is grounded in truth!

More power to all the New Yorkers and of course my beloved Grobanites. You are constantly in my prayers and the joy of my dream! Till we meet again Josh near or far. Joshua is never alone and always loved against all odds! I'm here on cyber duty but remember even when it rains...I sing and dance! Merry Me!

Now considering Josh has many friends who are very different from him! I love them too! I hope he thanks them all for being a part of my life in music! I may be frank when it comes down on bad images given to children but I know as things arise many will get what I'm trying to say! I love them all bad enough that I speak the truth stir them clear form trouble. Call it's a glorious advise and lemony truths do sting a bit. I particularly applaud many of the Comedians spreading the truth and laughter! The naughty ones are having their hearts soften and many of the old schemes are being set straigth! I love Mandy Moore and Alysa Milano! Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber and Selena! Barbara Streisand and many of the glorious and golden singers! If I only have time to write to them I would! Once I finish the books I hope they realize that as the Stars inspired me...I wrote them these books of inspiration to touch their souls. They may not know my name but they will know my spirit. That spirit never dies and it never grows old... I magnify the children of God and I merrily thank the Lord for that joy!

I wish Hollywood well and all the media. I know that we can pull it through because the good people are always more valiant in influencing a multitude! We just keep pressing on the good fight and good leadership can arise out of all these calamities and chaos.

May joys, thoughts and prayers to all!



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