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Rat and Wrath in NY

EstherT1's picture
on June 23, 2012 - 10:52am

I wish there is a better way of saying this... NY City needs to get their act together. All the bullshit in the news is not helping Israel. I understand gays want their civil rights but really it's already vetoed in. NObody is voting for the gay marriage but the gay community is getting what they want so let them be happy with that. Call it a Hollywood victory! It is still a sin under the book of the Jews. There is no way to bend the rule. That is a fact! There is no sacred marriage for two men or two women. If it helps them stay faithful to the sin. All the cudo's to them but it's still not going to be right in the eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Israel on the other hand is completely getting bombed and all the Jews here can't voice out how they feel. They are ashamed of being Jews or they feel like there is nothing else to do about it. There is...It's called recruitment and mass education. We need to tell the truth and speak of Judgement! Judgement on those who bear false witness unto Israel.

NY will experience wrath and rat infestation leading to diseases if they do not prompt the people to speak of the truth and promote cleanliness. There is nothing like telling the truth and convicting people to tell the truth! The truth can be said with grace and it resonates. But to those who are rebellious tell them the cold hard truth and call the spade a spade. If it's bullshit! Tell it like it is! Bullshit!

The son of gun New York editors and Journalist need to listen to the truth and write what is true! They need to look into Israel more and teach the general public on what's really going on. Sugar coating and diplomacy is the greatest enemy of Israel and all Jews and human beings.

Judiciary came from the word Jews. The law came from the Bible and no IVY league schools Harvard and Princeton could survive without Veritas = Truth and that is from the Biblical teachings.

We will have wrath and more rats in NY if we don't get our acts together. The important thing is to talk about the truth. Be it funny, sad or offensive we need to speak the truth.

I'm praying for strength and boldness for people who are in Journalism. I pray for New York to strive for cleanliness for the sake health and clarity.

I'm expecting good things from NY but it's going to take a lot of firm spanking! Spank! Spank!


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