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This is really weird...

EstherT1's picture
on September 20, 2012 - 10:24am

Anyhow...I'm so pressed for time to make all my schedule fit so I started singing and memorizing lyrics at work...By the way singing at night in the echo is really fun...Unless people outside eventually hears you and think a ghost is singing... I freaked out the lovely staff and CNA at night singing with my echo...They thought it was an empty room...I hope it's not a violation or anything...At least we were all laughing..."I'm sorry, I'm taking voice lesson...I don't mean to disturb the spirits!"

I realize that it's a good medicine to memorize lyrics which I'm not good at. But it's keeping my mind at peace and I'm enjoying my work. Amazing how pressure can keep me going! Just add music and lyrics and the world is a better place.

So where is the Phantom of Popera these days...I can hear quite a few soprano singing in high school...We need to do better than that!

Here we go...Ta Dahhhh!

P.S I love to sing while thinking of Josh!

Can anyone relate to these

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