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Spending quality time...

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on July 14, 2011 - 9:01pm

Spending time with family for these last few days... I was glad I made it back from Orlando to Chicago and see Josh Groban in Concert. It was an awesome experience and a lifetime of memories to remember with my sister and my niece.

Josh is... officially funny! Explosive concert Straight to Our faces! Very romantic indeed! I'm overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction. He was completely discreet about the effects of the concert.

Josh managed to answer a few questions from the audience. He can identify with criminal minds apparently and invites them in the audience for future therapy. Sad to say he can't possibly heal himself with his own music. I had asked for the size of his shoes but never made it to his registry. He gladly answered another audience question. Do you work out frequently or are you just naturally gifted with an amazing physique. Josh was very humble to admit he his exercise routin. Never again will I wonder how often Josh works out! It's related to the no. of concerts he presents per month and the very exciting moment of glutes squeezes are alternatingly excruciating but proves result. He makes those glutes "Maximus." Maximus would be a great new middle name for Josh Groban I thought, as Winslow would be too dainty for the aggresive nature that he now presents. I would never ever forget how He mentioned, " ejaculating push-up" can be very envigorating to any man on stage! Be it one handed or two handed the mic has to be turned on! The waves of truth just splashed on our faces as come to realize the very nature of Josh Groban's work out routine has a strange healing effect on my twisted psyche. Juvelated and violated are now just a few of the new words and phrases to be added in the English Dictionary (dick-tion-a -ries) as a crown of Grobanites need to be held back from becoming gropaniters. As for Josh Groban surviving the well intentioned crowd managed to give a few remarks of forginess by saying he felt, "juvelated and violated" indeed!

A few words of wisdom from the song Alejate became a deep topic in Josh Groban concert. My favorite song deeply and poignantly now means " Get the hell out of here!" I would have settled for "go" or a country song of "loosing" and "broken-hearted" sentiment but no! It's "get the hell out of here" that really rings true as I listen to the Spanish song Alejate from now on.

Talk about a devonaire with a few skeletons in his closet Josh can still officially sing his A** off on and off stage! We are of course very delighted and JU VE LA TED! Crowd of sophistication and hearts of gold have now embarked into ecstasy of explosive vocal concerts by Josh to our own delight.

Best part of the program is the giving! Yes! We can give to the arts and materialize our hopes and dreams in collective spirit using our phone! A text to the ART can generate more money to finance the dreams and aspirations of our youth! There are also now programs that can promote and direct better movies and theatrics for the youth to emulate. He supports all kinds of Art performances in High School. I thought that was just my imagination. Only in Josh Groban can you meet such great and gifted crowd that aims to expand their spheres of love and devotion for humanity through giving and promoting positive expressions of artistic talents. And yes! I have numerous run on sentences due to the effect of the explosion that Josh offers in his concerts! I'm even surprise I found my shoes again as many socks have been blown away in the process of this explosive concert.

For Butt... I mean a but a second...The maximus...I mean maximum effect of the concert is to raise us all up with the song, "You raise me Up!" where Josh pulled out Josh Joseph - a young singer from the crowd to sing with him on stage! The Groban gaps are quite amazing as it promoted another artist into a new height...literally a new height! Josh even places his hand on this young man's shoulder as a token of expression to the very lyrics, " on your shoulder" and offers his own bottle of water to this new singer..."Don't forget it's yours now!" as the young man stepped down! A bit of a germaphobe I thought but understandable generous! The man young man even got a front row seat afterwards.

I felt a gentle nudge of jealousy as I realized the distance I have the second floor to Josh presence on stage. The premier tickets would have been a far better experience I thought. Althought I was happy to be there with my sister and niece. My sister was fully engaged in the concert...Hannah laughed at the jokes...jolted a few times in her seat due to Joshes booming voice.

Another memorable experience is the gathering on the inflattable sofa where Josh invited an older couple to sit and have a little wine along with 2 young people (with milk instead) on stage. The woman was so excited and couldn't stop holding Josh's arm since after being married for 30 years would marked a new experience of sentimental engagement. " May I take pictures!," she asked. And Josh lovingly and eloquently responded, " Your already on stage woman! Take all the pictures you want!" My heart was so touched with those kind words coming straight out of Josh Groban! The audience laughed. Soon after Josh announced that this lovely set up is meant to hear a song about "cheating." Then he sang, "Tell me his name I want to know..." I thought to myself...I believe the name is Joshua Winslow Groban
The way he looks" and I thought to myself with curly hair..."And where he goes" I answered around the world doing concert. Best part of Josh is that he can admit having a "sick-mind" and we all laughed completely juvelated and violated for as far as I know all the women in the audience are all having an affair with Josh Groban in their dreams.

Of course I...I am very well behaved and would not have the slightest idea of groping the Groban King. That would be a delight...I mean a disgrace on my part! My fantasy is more sophisticated and delicate than that...I would be the ghost of the Opera in white roman dress with one breast exposed holding a lantern as the stage turned into tunneling river in a mystical place. She will enter the stage invisible to the crowd but secretly appears to Josh on stage in various corner of the theater like a radiant spirit. She blends into the piano and caresses Josh face while he gracefully plays the piano. She strokes his back...up and down his spine while he tries to concentrate on every note to perfection. A few slips of gluteal contact as Josh sings to the climax of the song.

Josh on drums is a greater thrill! He plays vigorously on the drums in time with the instrumental portion of Voce Existe Em Mim! Then he sings the lyrics in Portuguese that is so titilating in my ears as he spells out the word Shacky! I must refrain write this butt...I mean but I can't help to think a few pat of my own hands right underneath Josh tush existed in me! If only I was a ghost. Of course then there wouldn't be any reason not to be the Phantom of the concert provoking Josh to sing like a magnificent muse in and out of the Opera house.

Alright gotta sleep now! The little bunnies are asleep and I need my rest. More letters to follow once I get things situated.


Jacqueline V. Illera

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