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Thank You Josh for ...

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on September 23, 2011 - 2:15pm

Words of knowledge.
Lately, I've been the quiet one,
Waiting,searching the lines of the
Songs you played for me.
Sailing into the misty air,
Fading, bound for I don't know where,
When I'm there, I'll see.

And if I walk away,
Please follow me,
If I walk away,
Please follow me.

Weightless, drifting through stars I got
Faithless, woke in the dark and I
Made this from my dream.
Play me all your sweet rhymes
Recreate me, now comes the time when I'll
Need your truth to see.

And if I walk away,
Please follow me,
If I walk away,
Please follow me.
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Walk away,
Let the fear fall away,
Into the fire you made,
Scarlet and gold.
Walk away,
Head for the light of day,
Follow a brighter way,
Out of the cold and dark,
Down to the one bright spark
Futures that all might start

So, if I walk away,
Please follow me,
If I walk away,
Please follow me.

Fragments, shells of a long ago lifetime,
Faces that once were mine,
Thrown down by the sea.

If I walk away,
Please follow me,
If I walk away,
Would you please follow me.

Pretty much sums up the UN Iranian speech.

They walked away! That's great!

I didn't love Josh so much I wouldn't be here. This site has been my place of refuge. I don't know how a Journal Entry could be a problem to others who happen to have a differen opinion. I don't mind other's opinion I just know when the truth needs to ring through!

I love all of Josh Songs because they will always be a part of History! Much like Frank Sinatra and Tonny Bennett.

I can't wait to here Josh duet. I truly admire Tonny Bennett for bringing out the best in even the most rebellious and off artist. Josh being the only true cowboy!

Even Amy Winehouse looked great! I even said a little pray for Amy. What a sad story, so beautiful and gone. Thanks to Tonny!

Josh Duet must be the only classified ones! I know it's providential the whole duet for the Love to flow!

Josh is the essence of a true Peace hero. Always relaying in music that which stirs the soul. Clean, pure and chivalrous! Gentle as a much power.

Nice to see artist regain some class and panache. Costumes are so overrated sometimes. I like the simplicity of Josh Concert! Pure voice and talent...less saccharine.

The First time I heard The Prayer it is then that I realize Josh is a magnificent voice. I wanted it so bad. Soon after the war broke out! I realized it must be prophetic in a sense. Not in a weird way but in a vibrational sphere there is the truth that sparks the soul to guide and to hold.

To all Joy and Peace!

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