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Voice Lessons - ET For Fun

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on July 28, 2012 - 5:50pm

ET for Fun

Wanda hires a voice teacher from Marin to teach the students how to sing. It has been rumoured that some of the high school kids are singing out of tune and the Glee Class thinks they could use a little boost from their own teacher.

Comic Drama and Gless class started to partner with each other during Dr. Kent's class for 44 min. of vocal exercises. The students appears to be having a great time to the point of exhaustion.

Corine and Maduri decided to sing out their Physics theories like an opera while enumerating all the answers. Raj and Luke are spewing out their mathematical equiations with Do-Re-Mi.

The teachers decided to wear earmuffs and ear plugs to concentrate on their lunches and tune of the students during break time.

It was being rumoured that glasses and windows have cracked during voice lessons but that might just be meteoric event!

Comedic skits were written out by Mia and Michael over Dr. Kents Einstein Hairdo and hair raising experience exhibited by students arguing in soprano, and contralto voices at hallways. "You are laaaa....ying!" "How dare you saaaayyy thaaaat!"

A few of the dance students decided to chyme into the Soprano singing while performing dance-jazz routine.

Too - Dahh - Looh!

(Another inspired lesson by Josh Groban)

Teachers Rock!

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