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Wells let's see...

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on September 16, 2012 - 12:06am

As the Presidential election takes place...

I have a feeling this is not gonna be like 2008. I just pray for truth and for people to awaken. Awake!!!

Meanwhile I'll be doing my little comedy skit...Darth Vader and Mickey Mouse for Press-see-Den-see!

Mickey Mouse, "Size does not matter! 16 Trillion deficit is in fact a goo' thing. Just a number! But at least we have hope! Since the change is negative. "

Darth Vader, "Look! I'm your Father!"
Luke, "No your not! And if you are...You must be really's a tissue! And stop killing US...You can kill a Jedi but we don't die...This is LA! Hollywood baby! Make my day!"

Luke fought with Darth Vader and sliced off a square piece of Darth Vader's butt mask. Darth Vader finally relieved himself as he sat on the thrown...

Darth Vader, " That was the best circumcision I've ever had! Thank You Luke!"
And all the stink came out!

Luke covers his nose and said, "No wonder you kept breathing really hard...been keeping all that farth inside that costume!"

Luke lite a cigar and gave it to Darth Vader, "thought you needed one!"

Darth Vader grabbed the joint and said, "Luke! I've been wanting this all along!"

Mickey Mouse climbs the podium with his tail up his nose..."I am the Great Mickey Mouse!" [All ahhh! Who? Akbar (mouse)]

And the Beloved Jedi cheered and clapped!

The End!

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