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on January 17, 2012 - 8:56pm

The Letters of Unknown Origin
Improv IV

Wanda’s Challenge as inspired by a letter from an e-mail name Professor Stool…
The topic of the skit will be based on letters from a jar.
If one picks A the title will start with Letter A. If one picks a B then the title will be….The title must start with THe ....

On the board…
The Letters of Unknown Origin
What: The skit challenge
When: Second Friday of the Month.
Parameters: The Title will start with The XXXX
Letter of the title picked from the Jar.
1 hour skit writing.
1 hour practice
Characters: 4 in one story
Length of skit : 15 min.

Wanda: The challenge of the class is to write skit in one hour and come up with the cast from an audience. The skits will be swapped with 4 other schools who will then enact the skit.
There is one hour or practice for all the lines which will be sent via phone. The acting will be recorded by one student who will then post it on You Tube.
There will be a U-stream of 4 schools participating in the skit writing act. A total of 4 skits will win the price to be aired.

Fatima: Wow one hour to write a skit? Alright

She is all excited but Maduri looks concerned…
Maduri: How are we going to get it done in 1 hour only…usually we do it over the week.
Wanda: You have to work with your team and make it simple enough. So we got 4 groups....4 fish...4 rabbits...4 phoneys and 4 turtles. Each one picks a letter. Let's say you get the letter B. The group will have to start The Bxx BXXX for a title. Each one of the 4 people in the team will give a line and you just move along. Keep it positive and the story moves on and you must fit it for one hour.
Luke: We will get it done…It’s one hour! I can shower, shave, dress and have breakfast in one hour and out the door.

Maduri: That explains the half shaven mustache I supposed!

The class laugh…

Luke: That was done on purpose…Actually I needed a new shaver. I’ll be Charlie Choplin.

Fatima: Luke Star Wars does not have Charlie Chaplin.

Luke: Very Phoney Fatima! That’s a great Idea…Star Wars meets Charlie Chaplin. (He gestures in the sky)
Fatima: Luke the skit is going to be played by another group so keep it simple Phoney.

Lara Lei: Alright you phoneys...let's keep it simple for us fishes who have to write the skit kay? Why do we have to type it and send to the other group…Can’t we just do our own skit and play it.

Wanda: That’s the challenge phoneys and fishes need to get the skit to work. Be a team…You will get to practice with speed how quickly you can come up with the story and then 2 groups will exchange it before we finally do it with other 4 schools to meet the challenge.

Mai: So we don’t get to play our own skit? We rabbits get along very well with the phoneys...

Demetri: That’s the challenge Mai Rabbits need to jive with the turtles…But Why does the title have to be with The?

Wanda: That’s the criteria of the skit so we just play with the rules. All four groups need to mingle.

The whole thing has to happen in one day where all the skits are written and played in 6 hrs.

Raj: What if we don’t like the title?

Wanda: You have one hour so there is no room for arguments…You stick with what comes out of your minds and move with the speed. Keep the story going fluid with as little resistance as possible. With a little practice you will get it. There will not be any type casting because 4 people will have to take on whatever role you give.

Corrine: So fishes get ready...we will be working with a bunch of phoneys and ribbits. Professor Lee I prefer change our group into a camel instead.

Wanda: Do we have to argue over the group name at this point... Make the most out of being a fish and invite the phonies into the water...

Maduri and Corrine: Gotcha!

Wanda started cutting cardboard with letters to be placed inside the jar...


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