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Yosh Way

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on May 14, 2011 - 8:34pm

Still don't have a phone since I lost my iphone.

I'm entering into a new sphere of strategies using the Josh Groban way of uniting through love and compassion. I believe I'm done with being firm of what is going to work in the spirit and what does not. I've broken down myths on many fronts from Islam, women's treatment, school disciplinary implementation, homosexuality and spirituality and use of medium that has severely traumatized the spiritual realm. The key is to hit them hard and firm...leaving no room for argument. Then the transformation of mindset will prevail despite rebellion and poor ethics formation.

In 3 months goals are
1. Unify Jews and Evangelical Christians; establish dialogues for healing and spiritual concessions.
2. Promote women's rights and causes through dialogues among western women and concervative groups.
3. Magnification of Israel and it's history.
4. The axis of Zion will gain momentum and scope for many western nations.
5. Nations will fall in love with Israel once again.
6. Expansion of inspirational stories, dance, music!
7. Knowledge of the Bible and internalization of the words remain
a very strong opposition to the flesh but growth in knowledge will fill their souls.



Theme: Love, Joy, Peace, Compassion and truth telling.

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